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Content marketing is largely hailed as one of the most prominent and beneficial advertisement tools in the modern age. It has a wide appliance and the ground it can cover vast grounds in limited amount of time. Moreover, it has the most cost-effective and efficient properties out of any digital marketing aspects.

However, what exactly is it that makes content marketing so effective? Content marketing strategy of a company rides on the back of a good story. Which is why any brand or company who wishes to employ content marketing needs a good story to tell. What elements go into making a compelling story?

While many of the aspects of making a good story rely on creative approach, there are definitive models and formulas that can help one make a good brand story. Following are a few ingredients that go into making a good story.

Define The Hero

Make no mistake here; you are the hero of your brand’s story. Conversely, your brand is the hero of your consumer’s story. However, the story of your brand moving forward will not focus on you or your brand. It will focus on the brand’s ultimate hero: your consumer/customer/reader. A defined hero of a brand is like a character in a good story that moves the matters forward.

Nevertheless, what exactly is your role between your brand and its hero? You are the driving force that connects the brand and the hero of its story. The force that brings it all together and guides our protagonist on their journey. The teacher. The master. The mentor who’s primary job is providing wisdom.

Define The Villain

What is a good story without a primary antagonist? The story of your brand needs a hero as much as it needs a villain. The villain of any brand’s story is the problem it is trying to solve. For example, Wikipedia Writers provide services regarding encyclopaedia creation. Therefore, anyone who avails their services, and themselves, are solving the problem of a wiki page creation. That is their solution to a problem.

Nevertheless, the villain of your story is not a onetime thing. Usually, problems reoccur and then the client, the hero of your story, is left looking for more solutions. For example, worker or utility boots that keep breaking may dishearten a labourer. However, if a company provides lasting solution and ends up fixing these problems in the long term, then the villain of the story is gone.

Client Personas

By now, we have established the protagonist, the hero and driving force of your brand’s story. While many have to fight the urge to make themselves the ideal heroes of the story, avoiding this at all costs is in their own benefits. Therefore, the central idea of a brand’s story is to target the hero, who is your client. In order to do that, you will need to consider a few things.

Building your ideal clients requires you to conduct thorough research. In this research, you will document a few key elements. Who is your client? What do they do? What age group do they usually fall into? Answering these questions will help you make a specific demographic, which will be your ideal client persona. That is the key ingredient of moving your brand’s story forward.

The Core Story

The story of your brand has to be delivered throughout different phases. You can divide these part into the following:

  1. Initial
  2. Middle of the journey
  3. Feedback & Improvement

The initial stage of your brand’s story is, of course, how it all came together. The idea, the need, the hero and the villain. How all of these elements shaped together an entity that became your brand. Middle of the journey story of your brand deals with accumulation and success.

It tells the story of how it all came together and then how your customer, the hero, pushed it forward into success. The feedback and improvement part deals with the same element, more or less. Nevertheless, it connects the dots when you get feedback to improve your service or product further.

Over To You

Employ these aspects to tell the story of your brand.  If you have an established brand and you are looking to spark things again and push it into the next level, you can employ these as well.

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