How Much Does It Cost To Make A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a renowned platform known for being a hub of information. It has a massive network as it provides content over 300 languages. Undoubtedly, Wikipedia is regarded as the ever-increasing encyclopedia. Its information is updated every second and its pages are created all around the globe.

Wikipedia is way ahead of providing just academic information; it has transformed itself to provide a plethora of information. It makes it easier for a reader to come and get the kind of information he is looking for. With strict standards to maintain the quality and a detailed list of Wikipedia guidelines and policies, the platform is known not to compromise over the writing style and content quality.

Its pages are fully optimized and that’s the reason why they take up the leading spots in the search engine, The enormous limelight Wikipedia enjoys attract many marketers and brands who too strive to enter the platform with an engaging article or biography. The demand to get a Wikipedia page composed is increasing every day considering the unstoppable online reach and visibility a company or entity can get.

With the demand, the concern to know the exact amount and cost to create a page is too making marketers and readers curious. And with that the hunt for a reliable platform to get Wikipedia page creation services continues. So, to ease your struggle here we have the detailed guide to understanding the cost and its breakdown to get your Wikipedia page composed. Read on!

The Cost to Create a Wikipedia Page

If you ponder on the process of Wikipedia page creation, you will realize that a number of factors are involved that make up the cost to make a Wikipedia page. The first thing is the notability of a page that plays a major contribution to influencing the total budget.

Is Your Company Notable?

If you are sure that your company or service is notable in the search engine, which means that it is worth checking out or reading about then the total Wikipedia page creation price range would be around $600-$1500. Now in this amount, you will get a well-researched and fully formatted Wikipedia page for your brand which will be based on the strict Wikipedia policies for instant approvals.

Cost For Entities That Are Not Notable

If the company, person, or service for which you want a Wikipedia page is not notable and is unknown in the search engine then the editors will have to put in extra efforts first to make it worth reading. They will enhance its online recognition and then step towards making a Wikipedia page. So, all of it requires efforts, hard work, and proper strategic planning along with a competent teamwork. Therefore, the cost to create a Wikipedia page may range from $1000 to $2500.

What Is The Cost To Hire A Wikipedia Editor?

If you have composed a Wikipedia page on your own and to be sure about its quality you want to hire a Wikipedia editor, you may have to plan to spend at least $400 to $800 for getting minor edits done. Remember that the editor will not completely change or alter the text he will only do the minor edits and will highlight your flaws. He may also provide you with a quality report to give you an idea where your content stands according to the Wikipedia quality standards.

How Much Does A Wikipedia Biography Cost?

Wikipedia biographies are one of the most daunting tasks. Composing a page with detailed information about a person or an entity is itself complicated and requires a lot of effort but when it enters into the policies of Wikipedia, you realize you are surrounded by many restrictions.

You need to stay neutral and relevant. You cannot present any controversial or argumentative aspect of the information. Secondly, you must never promote the person’s achievements or the organization’s rewards. You are asked to put forward the information in an unbiased form.

So, here as a lot of efforts are required, the budget to get your biography composed is also massive. The cost for Wikipedia page creation may range anywhere between $600 to $3000. However, the page you will get will have detailed information, well-structured content, cited sources, and a fully formatted content that will get approached in no time.

Why To Hire A Wikipedia Writer To Get My Page Composed?

The best thing about Wikipedia is that its policies, procedures, and everything related to page creation is provided openly on the platform. Anybody can learn about the procedure and get started to compose a page. However, things are not that simple as they seem so. The quality standards of a Wikipedia page is so high that it becomes too complicated to get your page approved.

You need to first carry out a brief research of the topic after checking whether it’s notable and unique or not. In case if you compose content on a topic that already exists on the platform, no matter how great your writing is it will get rejected.

Therefore, you have to be sure as to which topic you select. After that you have to follow every single Wikipedia policy and in case you missed out any you may not be sure if your page gets the approval or not.

The last two aspects are the citation and the error-free content requirement. You need to cite proper sources to your information in the style mentioned in the Wikipedia policies. Along with that, you have to make sure that your content is not fiddled with errors otherwise it will not credible in the search engine and Wikipedia will reject it as well.

So, when the stalks are so high there comes a need to hire a Wikipedia writer for your page. The cost to hire a writer for your Wikipedia page ranges from $500 to $2500. He adheres to every policy and ensures to get your page approved successfully.

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