How to Build an Artist Profile on Instagram

Navigating social media platforms can be quite a challenging task these days. With all eyes on social media content, your posts really need to standout if you want them to have a desired effect on your target audience.

Are you an artist? Do you want to know how social media can help you in your career? Are you willing to learn how to build an artist profile on Instagram? Well, if you are then buckle up and enjoy the ride because you will discover everything from creating your profile to how to you can manage it in the right manner, in this piece.

Before moving onto how to build an artist profile on Instagram, you first need to have a deeper understanding about what Instagram actually, is all about.

What is Instagram?

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, simply started out as a digital platform, where people or users could simply post pictures or photos. This website, which now also offers a mobile app as well, allows its users to use many filters, which can be used to edit photos as well.

However, now Instagram is much more than just a platform, where people can simply, share photos with their friends and family. It has now turned into one of the world’s biggest and most visited platforms, which caters to millions of users across the globe. This makes Instagram, the perfect tool for entrepreneurs, businesses, brands and even artists, to connect with their target audiences and fans in the most effective manner.

Instagram does not have a friends option or feature available, instead it provides the option to follow other users. Following a person can provide you access to their feeds and posts. Instagram, like many other social media platforms, also offers its users with features such as messaging or chatting with followers, commenting on feeds/posts and tagging other users.

Furthermore, now Instagram also provides a variety of newer features, which have been added to the app from time to time, such as going live, uploading videos and uploading stories.

Now that you know the basics, moving onto how to build an artist profile on Instagram makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

Here are some steps, which can help you create an artist profile on this amazing social media platform.

·         Download the App & Create an Account

·         Start Following People

·         Synch Your Phone Contact List

·         Create a Presence

·         Focus on the Quality of Your Content

·         Regular Posting Will do the Trick

·         Use Hashtags to Increase Your Reach

·         Use Other Platforms Such as Wikipedia to Boost Your Reach

Download the App & Create an Account

Whether you are an artist or a regular user, it all start with you downloading the mobile app from either, Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. You can visit the website as well however, using the mobile app can give you the luxury of using this platform anywhere and everywhere you want.

Once downloaded, you simply need to sign up and create your account on Instagram. The easiest way to do it is to simply, use a gmail account, which you regularly use, to sign up. Just tap on “sign in with Google” option and you will have an account in less than a second. Yes, you will receive an email, for verification purposes, which you will have to open and click on the link to get verified by the Instagram review team.

Now, once you are done with the account creation process, you now need to focus on a few crucial steps. You need to upload an engaging display or profile picture for your account. Remember, the more interesting your profile picture is, the higher are your chances of catching the attention of your target audience. Furthermore, you will also have to choose a username as well. After you have selected both, your username and picture, you will have an option to share about who you are in the bio. So, tell the world about yourself and give a small introduction.

Start Following People

Yes, the next step is to start following people or other users. However, following the right people really matters a lot, if you are an artist and if you are using Instagram as a means to promote your artwork. Therefore, follow people, who are in the right circles, so that you can create your own presence in these circles.

Synch Up Your Phone Contact List

Yes, Instagram will provide you an option to synch your phone contacts with your Instagram account. Now, this can be very useful for an artist, who is new on Instagram. You can follow all the people, you already know to start creating a your own network on this digital platform.

Create a Presence

Following the right people and synchronizing your phone contacts may just not be enough. You will have to work and make an effort to create a powerful presence on Instagram, if you want to get noticed. This you can easily, do by commenting on different posts and just by being social on the platform. Talk to people, comment on photos and videos, go live every once in a while to talk to your Insta-family.

Focus on the Quality of Your Content

The quality of your content is imperative if you wish to create an impression on your Insta-family. See, you are using this social media platform to engage your target audience. You are here to build relationships and connect with your fans and audience. The best way to do that is by creating quality content, which helps in capturing their attention and engaging them.

Regular Posting Will do the Trick

Yes, you will have to post regularly on Instagram to create a strong presence in your social media audience. However, you must find the right balance between too many posts and too little posts. See, if you post too much, then there is a high chance of you accidently smothering your followers with your content. Moreover, it may take some time for you to create quality content as well. A post every day or every other day is more than enough. However, it depends on what kind of art you are trying to promote as well.

Furthermore, you also need to keep in mind that most users on social media have a very short span of attention. Therefore, in order to keep them interested and in order to not being forgotten altogether, you must post regularly. Otherwise, with all the content coming on social media, you may find yourself forgotten, if you wait too long to post.

Use Hashtags to Increase Your Reach

Social media is all about increasing your reach and approaching audiences in the far corners of the planet, places where you physically cannot go easily. Therefore, you must make use of hashtags, which will help you in increasing the reach of your post effectively.

However, do not start slapping your content with a lot of hashtags because too many of them may spoil your captions and the overall look of your content as well. Knowing when to stop is essential, when it comes to hashtags.

Use Other Platforms Such as Wikipedia to Boost Your Reach

Creating a powerful presence online through social media is something, which many artists are doing however; social media is not the only way, which you can use to increase your online visibility. Yes, while social media platforms are some of the most highly trafficked digital platforms in the world, there are many others, which host even higher volumes of web traffic such as Wikipedia.

Now, Wikipedia is unlike any social media platform out there, it is not a tool for creating networks. It is not a promotional or marketing tool or website. However, it is still, one of the world’s most visited websites, and people visit Wikipedia because they are looking for reliable information. Wikipedia offers reliability and authenticity and if you, being an artist, start using Wikipedia as a means to create awareness about yourself and your work, then chances are that you will be able to increase your online presence, even on social media, on a much faster rate than before.


In a world, where social media is a significant tool to increase your reach, creating a profile on Instagram can have a significant effect on an artist’s career. It may actually, be quite a challenge to impress your audience with your art without a social media platform like Instagram, which can help you reach millions of people across the globe.

Can anyone create an account on Instagram?

Yes, anyone can create an account on Instagram. You do not need to pay anything or have any kinds of licenses to create an account on Instagram. However, like every other social media platform, you must agree with the terms and conditions of Instagram before you can create an account on this social media platform.

How long does it normally take to create an account on Instagram?

Creating an account on Instagram normally, takes only a couple of minutes. However, if you simply use the signing in with Google option, then you may even be able to create an account in just a few seconds as well.

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