Simple Steps on How to Create a Redirect Page in Wikipedia

Simple Steps on How to Make a Redirect Page in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the platform that is being trusted by millions of people around the globe for authentic and real information. It is the site that has answers to almost everything in the world. You want to know about a specific species of birds? Look for it on Wikipedia. You want to know how to universe works? Find it out on Wikipedia. You want to know about your favorite celebrities? See this on Wikipedia too. Wikipedia has everything you need to know! Literally EVERYTHING! All you have to do is insert the right words.

The site today has more than 52 million active pages and the number is seemed to be growing every day with thousands of new pages added in the wiki world. Moreover, one more reason for such huge success of Wikipedia is that it provides ease of information in around 304 global languages to be exact. No one will have an issue understanding the content which the site represents. The site has also secured its ranking in the top fifteen most visited sites of the world by Alexa.

Wikipedia and its importance can have a completely different blog honestly. However, right now let’s discuss about how to create a redirect page in Wikipedia.

What is a Redirect Page?

A redirect page is a separate page that diverts a user to another linked page. You can simply call it linking one page on the other for reference and ease of searching.

For instance, when you are reading some Wikipedia article that mentions the UK in it, you can redirect the UK to the United Kingdom page for the reference of the reader. When the reader will open the redirected page, they will be able to see information about the United Kingdom.

Fun fact: when you open a page through a redirected link, the page will show it on the top.

united kingdom wikipediaThe Steps to Create a Redirect in Wikipedia

The process of how to create a redirect page in Wikipedia is simple, make sure you follow these steps perfectly to get the right results in the end. Also, remember that a redirect is usually for commonly used words for huge names. They are made so that a page can be accessed with its short form as well. Let’s get started with the steps.

  1. Go to Wikipedia homepage
  2. Choose your preferred language (preferably English)
  3. Click on the search bar and enter the redirect title (E.g. UK)
  4. Click on the red link and you will be directed to a new page
  5. On the page write “REDIRECT [{the full name for the page}] (E.g. REDIRECT [{United Kingdom}]
  6. Click on the ‘Publish Page’ option on the right side of the screen

Note: The redirect can only be created when the proposed title will appear as a red link. Also, you will have to have a Wikipedia account to create a redirect page.

A red link in the signal that the proposed title does not exist and you can make a redirect page with it. If a page does not have a red link, you will have to think of another redirect name.

When Can You Create a Redirect Page?

A redirect page can only be created when a page already exists for it. Carrying forward the same example as above, the redirect page of ‘UK’ was created because the actual page for the “United Kingdom’ actually existed. If a page does not exist, then you will not be able to make a redirect for it. Therefore, you need to learn how to create a Wikipedia page in the first place.

Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page

1.      Understand All the Wikipedia Community Guidelines

Wikipedia is the ultimate hub of information for the world and even despite being a user-generated site, it never compromises on the quality of content and authentication of the references. This is only one core community guideline, in order to a successful Wikipedia page creation, you need to make sure to abide by all the Wikipedia guidelines.

2.      Create an Account on the Site

An account is the most important thing in the making of a successful Wikipedia page. in fact, it is the visa to enter this huge world of information with ease. You cannot make a Wikipedia page without an active account just like you cannot go to a school without taking admissions. You will have to make sure to have an active account for the process and for the steps of the account, follow this simple procedure.

  1. Go to the homepage of Wikipedia
  2. Choose English (or any other language) as your preferred language
  3. Click on the ‘create account’ option on the right side of the screen
  4. Fill in all the details in the registration form
  5. Confirm your account by signing in to your provided email address
  6. Come back to the homepage of Wikipedia and log in with your newly created account

3.      Generate Positive Reputation on the Site for Notability

Wikipedia demands a positive reputation from you in the first place. If you fail to generate a positive reputation on the site, then chances are that your page will be rejected right away. Hence, to avoid any unfavorable situation in the process, it is better that you do at least ten edits with a minimum of four days old account. However, make sure that your edits should be backed up with proper sourcing and citations for strong references.

  1. Go to any accessible Wikipedia page
  2. Click on the ‘Edit’ option on the top right corner of the page
  3. Write the content for the page in the Wikitext box
  4. Review all the changes and click on the ‘Publish Changes’ option

4.      Check for the Red Link for Topic

In order to see if the specific topic is available or no, make sure you check the red link. If a page is already existing with the same name, then there is no point in making it. If your proposed title appears as a red link, then proceed further with the topic.

5.      Click on the Ask for The Page to Be Created Option

Once the red link appears, you will see an option saying ‘Ask For The Page To Be Created’ on the right side of it. All you have to do is click on this option to move ahead with the process.

6.      Write the Content of the Page on Article Wizard

You will be directed to a rules and regulations page where you will see the option of Article Wizard. It will ask you to write the content of the page on it. You can also practice writing the content of the page on the Sandbox. You will get an idea of how to write the content with it.

7.      Submit the Page for Approval Process

At last, you have come to the most awaited step that is the submission time. Review everything for once and click on the submit page option. The approval process usually takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Be sure to be patient with the process and wait for it.

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