How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Individual

Making a Wikipedia page has never been easier. The complicated policies and instructions make things challenging especially for the newbies. However, if you look at the outcomes of getting on the platform you will find they struggle to be worth doing.

Wikipedia is an ever-growing online encyclopedia that offers free information and content. Its pages are rich with references with redirecting links as well to further give the detailed version of a subject. You can acquire the most comprehensive information from the platform. No matter what the topic is you can find the information easily.

The authenticity of the website can be witnessed from the fact that Google gathers information from Wikipedia pages to crate its Knowledge panel box. Giving a boost to online hunting and readership, Wikipedia has become the second most visited website on the internet. So, why would an individual want to be on it. It has everything needed to power struck online recognition.

So, let’s not waste any time and get on the guide to understand the procedure of making a Wikipedia page for an individual.

A Step By Step Procedure To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Individual

Here are the basic guidelines about how to create a Wikipedia page for an individual, which you need to follow in order to get it approved seamlessly. Read on!

Wikipedia Account Creation

To start off you need to have a Wikipedia account. For that, navigate to the site and select your language. You can see the below-shown image with links to your desired language.

wikipedia languagesOnce you are through you can see a button at the top right corner, which says “Create Account”. Click on it and proceed with the process. The form will appear as you proceed which will ask you to enter the username and a password. Remember that your username should sound professional while the password needs to be strong.

When you have entered all the basic bio details, you can manage the setting of the account and turn on the notifications. You can stay updated with whatever happening on your account. Moreover, you can even create a user page. The page helps in editing the published pages.

Go Through Wikipedia Policies

You have to go through Wikipedia policies to understand the criteria of page publishing on the platform while learning about how to create a Wikipedia page for an individual.  As per the guidelines, your content should be non-promotional. It should be unbiased and composed in a neutral tone. When you begin researching the information should be verifiable. It should be easy to trace down for getting assured about the authenticity.

Moving forward when you begin to write the content, you need to make sure that it is easy to grasp. The writing style should be captivating with no argumentative side. The most important aspect in Wikipedia policies is the principle of notability. You need to make sure the person or subject you are writing about is notable and has some online recognition. If there is a lack in notability, you then have to build it before starting your page.

Apart from this, you have to be sure about vandalism and conflict of interest. If you try to attempt vandalism, your account will get blocked. And if you have a conflict of interest you will not be able to do justice with the topic.

Research Your Topic and Information

You need to carry out extensive information on the topic you choose. But the first thing is to choose the right topic. To know if your topic is unique on Wikipedia or not you can go to the requested article search box there you will type in the topic, which will show either the red link or the blue link. If the red link appears than it means your topic is ready to be attempted.

Furthermore, when it’s about researching the information you need to hunt the platforms that are authentic and verifiable. You need not to add information that is untrue and irrelevant. Never go for adding irrelevant information just to increase the word limit, as it will make your content rejected in no time.

Create The Content

It’s time to create content about how to create a Wikipedia page for an individual. You now have all the sources and its time to work on them. You need to create appealing content for your page that can stand out from the clutters. You need to make sure that the content is captivating. It should be free from any controversial information. Its content should be unbiased and neutral.

Moreover, the content should be engaging and informative. Your page should be able to deliver the information needed by your users. The sentence structures should be simple and easy to comprehend. Your narrative needs to be descriptive and delivered in a way that it reaches out to the audience.

If you can do incorporate most searched keywords in your page as it can increase the accessibility and reach. Carry out basic SEO practices like making taglines, subheading and using terms that can make your page reach out in a better way.

Formatting and Citation

You need to format your page well in order to bring the good side out. You range will be able to look presentable if it is formatted well. You have to add visuals and divide the information into categories in a way that the entire content becomes easy to grasp.

Furthermore, the format of citation should be chosen from the list of approved one. Check out the formatting list of citation approved on Wikipedia and then add the references. You can go for Harvard style referencing. Citation helps in adding more depth in the content. It makes content more authentic. Wikipedia finds it important to add references to show how legit your information is.

Page Submission and Review

You need to submit your page once it’s created. You have to go to your account and submit the content. You have to add the links to the references and upload the page. Make sure that the content is free from errors. You need to proofread the page thoroughly before submitting it to review. If you leave out any error, it will create a negative impact on the overall credibility of your page. Therefore, try to be sure before uploading.

Wikipedia Page Monitoring and Management

A Wikipedia page needs to stay updated all the time. Its information should be checked and verified. Once a reader arrives on the page and make a review. You need to stay active and online to know the changes made and to either approve them or delete them. However, remember that you cannot delete the comments without verifying the claims. Because if your page gets reviews repeatedly and you do not take proper action your page can be taken down.

Wrap Up

A Wikipedia page may take around 3 to 6 months to get approved. Once the page is published, the platform sends a live link to your email address. You can view your publishing from your account at any time you want. In case you make any changes or edit the Wikipedia publish page it will undergo review again and may get updated within 2 to 3 working days.

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