How to Get a Google Knowledge Panel for Actors

Before getting into the discussion of how you can make a google knowledge panel for an actor, you must first have a clear understanding of what it is. It makes sense too, isn’t that right?

Definition of Google Knowledge Panel

A google knowledge panel, in simple and understandable words, is that little box of summarized information and links, which you see, when you make a search about a person, artist, actor or brand.

Most people talk about it as though it is like a Wikipedia page. It can be said that it is quite similar to a Wikipedia page but this information is visible on Google’s search results, separately on the right hand side of the screen. It is similar to a Wikipedia page but it is not one.

A google knowledge panel provides a thorough introduction of the person, artist, actor or brand about which the search is made.

Now, in this blog, the major focus will on how one can make a google knowledge panel for an actor.

Steps to Make a Google Knowledge Panel for Actors

The creation of a google knowledge panel for actors is a five-step process. Now, in order to create a google knowledge panel for an actor, you must first understand that you might be required to have some technical knowledge about google itself.

Step # 1 – Build a Google Brand Account for an Actor

The procedure starts with, you making a google brand account for the particular actor. Now, creating a simple google account is something most of you know but, a google brand account is a little different from a Google user account.

A google brand account has multiple administrators. All the administrators have the right to manage the account.

Step # 2 – Updating Your Google Brand Account

When you have create a Google brand account, you are then supposed to share all the relevant information about the actor on this brand account. You must provide all the links and information about the actor’s websites, social media accounts and any biographies, which might have been created online with all their accomplishments and achievements thoroughly provided. Now, most of this information is required by Google to create a proper google knowledge graph, so the more authentic your information is, the better it is. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that the accuracy of the information is topnotch and the quality is high. Google also takes in account the quantity of the information provided as well.

The key indicators, which google usually uses to measure the information’s legitimacy are:

  • Does the actor have his or her own website?
  • Doe the actor have any social media accounts? If yes, then how many are there and on which platforms?
  • Is your name visible in notable information sources such as articles, online news articles and press releases?

You are also to provide links because these links and URLs are the basis on which google distinguishes the actor from all the other personalities on the internet.

Furthermore, you are supposed to give open access to the public for this information so that it is easy to access by google as well.

Step # 3 – Google Optimization

Here, google optimization means search engine optimization (SEO), which is a very popular marketing tool used by brands across the planet. However, here you need to provide Google with a thoroughly optimized actor’s information. In simple words, the actor which you wish to create a google knowledge panel about should be ranked in the top 3 or 4 results of the search engine results. Now, it can be a little difficult to find out the real ranking. However, you can use SERPs, which can help you to evaluate the search engine ranking of the actor’s name.

Furthermore, all the social media accounts of the actor must be somewhat similar or identical. The information on these social media platforms must also be more or less the same because it will help google to relate them to each other easily.

Step # 4 – Website Submission

Google will need to relate all the information about the actor with the websites now. Therefore, the actor must have a website. However, not having a website is not much of a problem either because there are various ways through which one can create a website easily such as through the Amazon Web Services. The best part about this is the fact, that you don’t need any technical knowledge and expertise to create it but be warned, it is not exactly like taking a walk in the park either.

You will be required to provide Google with the information that these websites are made through the same brand accounts, which want to make the google knowledge panel as well. You can use this link to submit your websites easily but ensure that you have carefully added enough information on your google brand account about the actor.

This will not happen immediately but in a little time, google will have the content it requires to start making the information available in the actor’s google knowledge panel. This might take a couple of days and in case there is nothing visible in the search engine results even after one week then you might want to consider adding more information and details in your google brand account about the actor. It is always a good idea to keep the information on the brand account updated with the latest news content, links and other content.

You need to carry on with this practice until you finally see that little box of information on the right side of your google search results.

Step # 5 – Google Verification

Once you start to see the initial google knowledge panel in your search results, you are then required to claim that knowledge panel with the brand account with which you wish to manage the whole thing. You need to fill out the brand’s or actor’s verification form, which will even require you to provide even your personal pictures as well.

Make sure to fill out the whole form, provide all the details, which the form is requiring from you. Providing incomplete information will not benefit you at this stage and it is much better to go back and fill out any missing information in the brand account.

Yes, that is it. Manage to complete all these steps in the right manner and you will be able to get your google knowledge panel visible, claimed and verified easily.

Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel

Apparently, this whole process will take you around 7 to 10 days. So, it is only logical that you know why you are going through all this trouble to create a google knowledge panel. Why does anyone need a google knowledge panel?

Here are some benefits of having a google knowledge panel.

Easy Online Discovery

If you have a google knowledge panel then that means the search engine Google can easily distinguish the information about you and link it to you from all the other information available online. Therefore, it makes it easier for people to find you because if they search for anything on Google and the keyword, even if slightly connects to you  , will result in the Google knowledge panel to pop up in the search engine results.

Looks Highly Professional

Let’s say you make a search on Google about an actor and a knowledge panel pops up on the right side of the search results. It is more likely for you to think of that particular actor to be a professional and esteemed actor. The person you are searching for will create a highly professional impression in your mind and with this simple little information box, their reputation is also highly likely to increase as well.

Increase in Web Traffic

With your information available on the Google knowledge panel, people will be able to see the website links very easily. This usually increases the chances of people or target audiences visiting the websites, which will result in a higher overall volume of web traffic for your website.

How do you get a knowledge panel for an actor?

Creating a google knowledge panel for an actor will require a person to have some grip on the technical knowledge of how Google works. Furthermore, there are certain steps, which can make the creation of the google knowledge panel for an actor a little easier. These steps are 1) making a google brand account, 2) update it thoroughly, 3) the actor should already be optimized on google, 4) website submission and 5) verification.

How to get on google as an actor?

Being visible on Google for an actor is only possible if they are mentioned in any news articles or press releases. Other than that, an actor can also benefit greatly from the creation of a google knowledge panel, which is almost as similar to a Wikipedia page as one can think. The only difference is, that this knowledge panel is on google and not on Wikipedia.

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