How to Start a Wikipedia Page for Someone

Creating a Wikipedia page for someone sounds like an exciting idea, and yet it is. But the page creation process is not as easy as it looks.

Wikipedia is the widely recognized platform and marked its name under the top sites of the world today. As per Alexa, Wikipedia is positioned on the top 14th most viewed sites by visitors. This incredible platform is popularly known as the hub of authentic information, which is why it becomes the most recognized entity around the world.

This platform was established in 2001 and eventually becomes the largest encyclopedia and overseen by the community of editors and administrators. However, the knowledge on Wikipedia is not bound, but they follow the Wikipedia rules and policies. Wikipedia does not work similarly to a regular encyclopedia. There are several Wikipedia guidelines that must be followed to generate informative content.

If you are pondering about it, can I make a Wikipedia page for someone? So, the answer is yes. But, before dive into the process of how to start a Wikipedia page for someone, read the benefits of having a wiki page.

Why You Need To Make A Wikipedia For Someone?

Online existence on a credible and notable platform considers as the greatest asset to build your position in the competitive edge. However, on Wikipedia, there are more than 2 billion active users, and this incredible platform owns 53.31 million articles that are registered, out of which almost 52.07 million are pages. Wikipedia page is more than just an outlook, it gives quick online existence and helps to adhere in maintaining high quality.

In simple words, this platform is one of the best weapons to develop trust and belief in the information provided. So, let’s dive into the few benefits to make a Wikipedia page for someone.

  • Give unparalleled online recognition

The major benefit of creating a Wikipedia page is that it aids anyone to develop unparalleled recognition in the world of digitization. It gives the unique edge of competition due to its strict guidelines on adding reliable sources to the content.

  • Offer SEO Benefits

You all know Wikipedia is an open-source platform which means it is a free-for-all. So, if you want to attain SEO benefits, then getting a wiki page is one of the finest options. Anyone who is looking for you on Google will easily access the information. The reason is Wikipedia lies under the top search results on the best search engines..

  • Enhance organic traffic

As listed above, Wikipedia is restricted to creating reliable content that must be free from any false information and cited with notable resources such as books, journals, etc. When the readers find the information credible, it results in organic traffic to your site.

  • Boost your credibility

For Wikipedia, notability is the first thing to gather genuine and verified information from reputable sites. One of the most important reasons to have a Wikipedia page for someone is; it boosts the credibility of the information.

Process Of How Do You Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone

Everybody knows what Wikipedia is, Right! This is an encyclopedia whose motive is to hold readers by providing neutral information. As per Wikipedia own words,

“The main purpose is to benefit readers by acting as a widely accessible and free encyclopedia”

When you are in-game you have to do registration to get sign in easily. You also need to read the rules and guidelines to win the game efficiently. Similarly, to ease out things for a Wikipedia page, the whole Wikipedia page creation process is divided into three sections.

So, without further delay, get into the process of how do you create a Wikipedia page for someone. Bear in mind that every step needs a lot of attention, so determine the terms of use to make a flawless page. Let’s dive into to process of how do you start a Wikipedia page.

Process Of How Do You Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone

Section 1 – Registration Process

To create a Wikipedia page for someone, the first thing is to determine how to register on Wikipedia to avail all the essential features. The registration process simply means you need to create an account on Wikipedia. Many of us think that account creation and page creation are similar. But there is a clear difference between these two. However, account creation is the very first step of the page creation process, whereas page creation is the last one..

If you are thinking, why do you need to create an account, the reason is account creation is to show the reliability of your existence. Once your name is registered., you are free to perform the required activity, for instance, the edits.

  • Register Your Account On Wikipedia

For account creation, simply follow the steps discussed below;

  1. Open the Wikipedia homepage
  2. Read Wikipedia content in your language
  3. Click the create account option at the right corner of the screen
  4. The account registration form appears on the screen
  5. Fill the complete form with credible information
  6. Necessary to add an email address to get a confirmation link
  7. Click on the confirmation link on your email to get account confirmation
  8. When an account is confirmed, sign in on account with credentials

sign in on account with credentials

This is the basic part to start a Wikipedia page creation process for someone. Once you complete this then you are allowed to enter into the page creation process.

Section 2 – Show Your Credibility

Show Your Credibility

After account registration, the next phase is to show that you exist on Wikipedia by building a positive reputation. To get a reputable position on a platform, you need to do some notable and credible edits on a platform with appropriate and authentic citations. If you fail to do authentic citation, then it might ruin your reputation. The more proper edits you do, the more chances you have to get the approved page. You have to do almost 7 authentic edits to show your credibility. Bear in mind the changes you made must back up with authentic information.

  • Act as an editor

To edit a Wikipedia page, you can use Wiki markup that is also knowns as the wikitext. For editing, follow the steps discussed below;

  1. Pick the page you want to edit
  2. Choose the edit option available at the right corner of the screen
  3. Make sure the page you select is accessible
  4. Open the next window to see Wikitext box
  5. Add changes with a proper cite
  6. Proofread the changes you made

Act as an editor

Section 3 – Wikipedia Page Creation Process

This is the final section that means now you are ready to create a Wikipedia page for someone or anyone. Now, it is time to know how to make a Wikipedia page for someone. So, you will have to follow the steps listed below;

1. Research About Your Topic

The most important thing for a page that needs to be started is the title. So, bear in mind that Wikipedia does not accept the content that already exists on Wikipedia. The topic you have to choose for Wikipedia must be unique and simple. Also, ensure that it must follow the standards of Wikipedia content creation criteria. Moreover, to check the feasibility of your topic, you have to go for red and blue links.

  • When you enter the name of your topic on the search bar, and it appears in the red color, then you are allowed to write on it.
  • Research About Your Topic
  • If your topic appears as a blue link, this means this topic already exists on Wikipedia, and you will have to go for another name.


2. Check Notability Guidelines

Once you choose the page title, another thing you have to understand is the notability guidelines. The notability guidelines suggest how can you make a Wikipedia page for anyone with significant coverage. The information you include must be original and cited with authentic references. Before creating content, you also need to contemplate the core content policies.

3. Create Your Article

When you become a viable editor, after editing a couple of pages then you are ready to write an article on the Wikipedia page. Content creation on Wikipedia is not as a simple task as it sounds. It is highly important to consider the things to show their uniqueness. At the time of creating the page, makes sure you use a neutral tone. The reason is Wikipedia does not accept the content that is written in a promotional tone. Keep your content precise, clear, avoid copying the right things and grammar errors. Ensure that your content does not contain any biased information that creates a conflict of interest. 

4. Must Add Citations

Wikipedia never accepts such information that is not cited with authentic resources. As per the Wikipedia content creation guidelines, the verifiability of the content means it is supported by a reliable reference. There are different types of citations on Wikipedia from which you can choose. The citations help to improve the credibility of the Wikipedia page.

5. Preview Your Content

After completing the content creation process, the next step is to preview your content. That means proofreading the content to remove the vulnerability. However, Wikipedia is a free SEO tool that helps to enhance your ranking on different search engines. So, if you proofread the content before submission, it helps to examine your mistakes. This will aid you to fix the loopholes easily.

6. Submit Article

Now, this is the time to submit your article to Wiki authorities. The article submission process is simple, you need to sign in to your account & find the “create a page” option. Upload your file there and submit it here.

7. Wait For Approval

When you submit the content, the page approval process may take 3 to 8 months. Suppose the authorities find any error, they asked to reread the content. If the mistakes are not ignorable, your article might reject. Once everything gets verified, your wish to create a Wikipedia page for someone will fulfill.

8.      Do Amendments When Needed

The time when your article is approved and published by the wiki page creators, your responsibility isn’t over. You have to update the content gradually with legit information. You can even hire any page creation agency that regularly updates the content to remove any false information.

7 Things To Consider To Make A Wikipedia Page For Someone

There are so many benefits of creating a Wikipedia page. If you wonder, can you a Wikipedia page for anyone, so the answer is YES!

Above you read the process of how to make a Wikipedia page for someone. However, the page creation process is quite easy, but there are several other things to take into consideration. When you get the idea of to make someone a page on Wikipedia, several important matters need to consider.

Here we mention the other things that are essential to keep in mind at the time of the page creation process;

  1. Do not state an opinion as facts & vice versa
  2. Make sure your content tone is nonjudgmental 
  3. Avoid redundancy in your content 
  4. Your content must follow Wikipedia guidelines
  5. Never add original research 
  6. Understand every step thoroughly 
  7. Content must be informative
  1. Never cite the content from unreliable source

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you create a Wikipedia page for someone?

To create a Wikipedia page for someone, you first need to understand the aim of creating it. Then, you have to do verified research and create informative content. You need to add citations from a verifiable resource to show the legitimacy of your content.

  • Can I make a Wikipedia page about someone?

Yes, you can make a Wikipedia page about someone, but ensure that it must follow the complete Wikipedia guidelines.

  • How much time does it take to create a Wikipedia page? 

The Wikipedia page creation process is a lengthy process. There are several things to take into account at the time of creating a wiki page. Approximately, the whole Wikipedia page creation process might take 3 to 7 weeks

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