Quora Banning Policy

Quora is one of the leading social media (question & answer based) platforms. It’s the most highly trafficked platforms in the world. It’s a virtual community that not only gives users a chance to connect and share their thoughts and ideas with the world but a platform where they can openly talk about anything.

You have a question to ask people and are afraid that they might judge you? Quora it! The best part about this online community is the option to post questions and answers anonymously.

Uses Of Quora:

Social media platforms or more specifically an online community website like Quora is a place where people can feel like they belong there. There is always someone who can provide you with an answer to your queries. There are various uses for Quora and some of them are as follows:

Sharing Information: The most obvious use for this platform is sharing information. Now, it is understandable that sharing information on Quora may not resemble anything like sharing information on an online encyclopedia. On Quora, its done through posting queries or commenting informative answers. However, one must follow the strict guidelines of the virtual encyclopedia much like it happens in Wikipedia page creation.

A Good Place To Get More Than One Perspective: The way things work on Quora is that you can post a question online, which appears in front of the millions of users on the website. All the people who choose to answer your question may have different perceptions. Therefore, it is a good way to gather information on different perspectives. It actually gives you more insight on the issue you are researching.

For example, I personally posted a query on Quora about how to edit a Wikipedia page and I got around 20 answers for it. I had the liberty to read and select the answer that I thought was much easier to understand and follow. 

An Amazing Marketing Tool: Any public platform, which is heavily trafficked on a daily basis carries great prospects as far as it being a marketing tool is concerned. It allows you to have a much larger reach and a much stronger online presence than you normally could have had using most of the other websites.

Marketing is all about creating awareness and engaging your target audiences. What better way is there to create awareness and engage target audiences at the same time than a question/answer-based online community? Many brands and marketers link their websites to Quora and provide hyperlinks in their answers to navigate traffic to their websites.

This community platform is actually one of the most effective tools for search engine optimization (SEO), these days.

A Great Platform For Getting Feedback:

Known for its ability to provide a safe space for people to voice their opinions and perceptions, Quora is actually a great platform that producers and brands can use to get feedback about their products or services. There are many business organizations who use this virtual forum to understand about their audience’s experience by getting feedback. While some may avoid critical feedback, others welcome it and try to overcome their shortcomings.   

Things You Should Know About Quora:

Quora is not your everyday blogging or social media website. It is a community platform that has some rules and restrictions that must be followed if you wish to stay on the website for good. It promotes a healthy environment that allows everyone to voice their opinions, as long as they don’t pinch others. Disagreements are often found on this website; however, there is always a courteous way to disagree. Did you know you can also end up getting banned from Quora? Well, if not, this is your chance to get the information and make use of it.

Looking at the intensity of the ban, you will realize that Quora does not simply bans your account; you can pop up on the platform again with a new account name. In fact, what Quora does is that, it bans the person. In case, after getting banned on Quora once you sign up again and the site’s moderator gets any clue of you being the same person who was banned previously, you are very highly likely to get banned again.

A Few Reasons Why Someone Could Get Banned On Quora:

According to Graeme Shimmin, one of the most popular writers on Quora. He achieved the top writer’s spot for six straight years on Quora from 2013 to 2018 and have 21.5 million content views with a massive following of 32 thousand people. He quite hilariously and sarcastically explains to people in his answer about how can one get banned on Quora.

Being Disrespectful: You can always be disrespectful to the people on the community or the way Graeme puts it “Call anyone who disagrees with you an ‘ ignorant jackass’. Be specific, the word must be ‘jackass’. If it’s not get you banned from the platform, this will definitely get you a warning.

Lame Conspiracy Theories: Another way to get banned is by getting convinced that someone is trying to conspire against you. According to how Graeme says it “Get your martyr hat on. They ARE out to get you. Make sure everyone knows this. PM if necessary. Keep a count of the bastards who are blocking you”.

You need to understand that this is a platform intended for helping people find out answers to their problems and nothing else. There is no one conspiring against you or trying to silence your voice, at the very least this platform actually gives you a voice. It is up to you how you choose to use though.

Blame The Moderators For Intervening: See, it is very easy to offend people. Especially if you talk about someone who has a little bit of authority. If there is a discussion going on in the comments and if the moderator for some reason feels the need to intervene in the conversation, then use your common sense and do not offend them. If you did that and think that they are the ones who are creating a problem, you are more likely to get banned. As Graeme puts it sarcastically “When the so-called ‘moderators’ intervene, accuse them of censorship, being afraid of the truth and belonging to the cabal” or “Have a long email discussion with the ‘moderators’. Remember they are the problem not you”.


Why is my Quora account banned?

Your Quora account may get banned for a variety of reasons. Full a detailed insight in the matter you should go over the policies of the platform. Some of the most common reasons can be to make multiple accounts and being problematic and disrespectful to others on the platform.

Is Quora banned?

If you are talking about the website itself then no, it is not banned. Unless you are living in a country that does not allow the using of this platform. If this refers to a Quora account being blocked then yes, your account may get blocked or banned. But before getting banned you are likely to get warnings from the moderators.

Why am I not allowed to answer questions on Quora?

One of the main reasons for not being able to answer any questions on Quora is if your account has been flagged or if you are banned. In case of getting banned you will not be able to answer any questions on Quora.

How can I unblock my Quora account?

If you want your Quora account to be unblocked, then try not to get blocked by avoiding questionable behavior in the first place. In case you have gotten blocked, then you can try request the moderators to review their decision again. If you are in the clear, then your account may get unblocked.

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