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Finding a source of information is a bit challenging. You need to ponder on ways that can help you find sources, which can provide you with authentic and reliable information. For some years, people are now turning towards online platforms to gather information. They are so occupied that they find it time-consuming and mundane to ruffle the pages of a book and skim through the million categories to get on the one they want to read.

However, many readers are still out there that have their faith in books and encyclopedia. We have two most popular sources of information both belonging to two different mediums- Wikipedia and Britannica. These two sources of information have their own bright and low sides. So, let’s find out what’s the major difference between the two.

The Difference Between Britannica And Wikimedia

Here are some of the most common ways these two sources of information differ from each other yet are recognized as the authentic entities.

Medium Of Communication

When both Wikipedia and Britannica are the encyclopedia then what’s the major difference between them. Well, Wikipedia is an online platform and Britannica is a printed encyclopedia. Both have a change in the medium of communication. Where Wikipedia provides access to the online pages, Britannica has editions in the form of printed books to gather information.

Secondly, Wikipedia does not charge a penny to its readers to access the information. You simply have to enter your query in the search box and start reading the article. No subscription or account creation is required for the readers. Anyone can access the platform and gather the information.

However, in Britannica you will have to buy the book and whichever edition you want to read. Now the prices may vary and you may find it difficult to get an original book easily in your region. The encyclopedia editions are not so affordable. They are costly because the edition includes the entire series of books where the information is divided. You cannot get just one or two books; you will have to get the entire series, even though it is of no use.


Just the way it is easiest to get your required information on Wikipedia it’s far more simpler to gather material on news and subjects that are latest. Wikipedia provides the most recent discoveries and keep you updated all the time. It helps the readers in learning about innovative subjects and even to go in-depth of the matter. The perfectly cited links open another aspect of the research and make it hassle free to hunt.

However, in Britannica, you may find it difficult to search let alone be sure about getting the latest information. As Britannica is a printed edition, it cannot provide information on every single subject. The thing that happened at the moment the book got published will not be a part of it. It will have information on a certain period. Moreover, it cannot go in-depth to every single subject as well. It will have certain boundaries to providing information.

Facilities For Readers

Readers using Wikipedia has a number of opportunities. It is an open-source platform and so it provides the opportunities to the readers to edit the text and point of the mistakes if there are any. Readers can also review the content to get it updated. With this facility, the information on Wikipedia always remains updated. It helps the platform in maintaining the quality of the content and keeping it updated all the time.

The opposite happens in Britannica. As it’s a printed source of information, being a reader, you do not have any such opportunity. You cannot make any changes or ask the writer or editor to do so. The information will remain limited to a certain time. Even of the discovery gets updated the book will not be able to alter the information. Only the latest edition can show the updated version, which may take years to arrive as an encyclopedia, is not something, which can be completed within days.

Facilities For Writers

Wikipedia provides ample facilities to the writers. It encourages them to avail the Wikipedia content writing opportunity where they can compose pages for themselves ad for their customers. It helps in contributing and expanding the Wiki horizon making it even bigger with the latest information. Where Britannica has only 4000 editors, Wikipedia comprises of 38 million contributors. Daily users are updating the information and making the required changes.

Other Facilities

Wikipedia has a great advantage of being an online marketing platform. Since it has a massive digital presence, it provides opportunities for online businesses to gain exposure. They can get their page created on it and accelerate the overall conversions. Wikipedia has over a billion online readers and its content is published in multiple languages, which are more than 300.

You can get access to the information from any region in your own language. You do not have to get involved in any hassle. All of these factors contribute to making Wikipedia a great source to enhance the overall online recognition. It can increase the level of productivity and open better avenues for brands.

On the other hand, Britannica being a printed source of information cannot provide an exposure to the online companies. Moreover, it has immolation printed only in the English language. Each of its version gets printed after years of gap and only those companies that have contributed in any globally recognized invention can get their names incorporated in the content.

Wrapping Up

Both the two sources- Britannica and Wikipedia are credited for being authentic information-rich sources. However, some say that Britannica is unbiased as compared to Wikipedia. Britannica only enters information just the way it happened but Wikipedia somewhat is claimed to have more of a public opinion. But then it’s just a controversy as Wikipedia editors are obliged to scrutinize every source and evaluate whether it’s authentic or not.

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