How To Write Your Own Wikipedia Page with Perfection

While millions of people visit Wikipedia in search of authentic and reliable information, the number of people, who are able to create and write Wikipedia pages and articles is quite low in comparison. It is simply because understanding how to write a page on Wikipedia is not a walk in the park. Writing a Wikipedia page or article demands one to be immaculate in their ability to present information in a flawless manner, which meets the quality standards of the virtual encyclopedia.

Now, most people are simply not able to meet the required benchmark of quality information that is laid down by Wikipedia. Hence, their Wikipedia pages or articles fail to go live on the platform. So, how do I write a Wikipedia page that has an increasing chance of being accepted and going live on the virtual encyclopedia?

The first thing that you would want to take a look at and understand is how to write a new Wikipedia page. Now, for this, you must first learn to create a page on Wikipedia.

How to Make a Good Wikipedia Page

Before you are worried about writing on a Wikipedia page, you must first learn to create one and you should know that each page on Wikipedia can only be created by clicking or using a page title, which doesn’t exist on the platform. You can click on the page title in the red-colored link. Once you click on this link, the rest is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is simply write anything on the blank page, on which you will land after clicking on the red link and hit the “Publish Changes” button.

In many cases, most people create their wiki pages by clicking on an existing red-link on any page. With a few techniques and methods, they can easily create Wikipedia pages through these existing red links. Following are the methods, which people normally use for creating a Wikipedia page:

·  Search Method

Search Method
The search method refers to a very simple and easy way of reaching to your goal of creating a red link. This you can do by simply using the search field of Wikipedia and all you need to do is write the title of the page, which you wish to create. Now, if the title of the page, which you have entered into the search field doesn’t exist already and it is not restricted technically and if Wikipedia has not protected its creation, then there are 3 possibilities, which can take place. 1) The virtual platform will simply show you that the page does not exist, 2) The virtual platform will suggest you to create a page with that particular page title and 3) The virtual encyclopedia will offer you a red link and you can click on it to create your desired page title. However, the color of the link may vary because of the skin settings, which you may have kept as well.

·  Preview Method

According to the preview method, you simply need to start with visiting any regular Wikipedia page. After you land on that particular page, you simply need to click the edit button on that page. Now, once you have clicked on it, you will be able to see the page title of the page you are on and now you simply need to change the page title from what it is to your desired page title. However, you should remember to use double square brackets before and after your desired page title.

See, once you have completed the steps above, you now need to click on the “show preview” button. Remember not to accidently click on the “publish changes” option. When you will hit the “show preview” button, you will then be gaining access to a red link and then you simply have to click on that link and create your desired page with your desired page title.

·  Save Method

Most people, who are into writing, creating and editing Wikipedia pages, they usually have registered accounts on the platform. Now, with an account on Wikipedia, you gain access to user talk pages and user pages, which most Wikipedia writers and page creators usually use to save their red links on. Saving a link on your user talk page or your user page makes it easier for them to access the red link whenever they choose to access it. Page creators use those red links to create pages, which after being used, are turned into blue links.

Now, if you have a blue link saved on either, your user talk page or your user page, then all you simply have to do is that you go to your user page or user talk page and click on that blue link. After clicking the blue link, you simply need to change the page title into your desired page title after surrounding them with double square brackets. Once you have done that, all that is left for you to do is to hit the “publish changes” button and you will see the red link, which you have worked for that you can now use for the creation of your new Wikipedia page easily.

·  URL Method

Another easy method to create a page is to use the page URL of any existing page. By changing the page title of the existing page in the URL, which is shown in the address bar, whenever you visit any Wikipedia page, you can land on the page on which you would have landed on, if you would have clicked on a red link.

URL MethodHow To Write a Page for Wikipedia?

Now that you have learned how to create a page on Wikipedia by using the red link, you now need to learn and understand how to write a page on Wikipedia. See, in order to learn how to make a good Wikipedia page, you must first learn about the guidelines and policies of this virtual encyclopedia.

The content and information, which you receive from a Wikipedia page or article is very different from the content or information that you can get from a blog or an article on any website. The guidelines and policies of Wikipedia are simply put in place to make sure that the high standards of Wikipedia are maintained at all times. Furthermore, these policies and guidelines are laid down by the Wikipedian community to ensure that this platform serves its purpose as a source of awareness that offers verifiable, reliable and authentic information to its readers across the globe for free.

How To Write a Page for Wikipedia

Now, when you talk about how to write a page on Wikipedia then you must understand that there are certain steps, which you can take in order to create or write a page or an article on this virtual encyclopedia, which will have an increasing chance of success, as far as its approval is concerned.

How Do You Write a Wikipedia Page?

Here are some steps, which most professional Wikipedia writers and editors across the globe follow to write a good Wikipedia page or article that stands a higher chance of being approved after the final screening process.

Step # 1 – Create Your Wikipedia Account

When it comes to writing your own Wikipedia page then you need to understand and comprehend that it all starts with you registering yourself on Wikipedia. The registration process is quite a simple one and doesn’t take too much time or effort. However, you must need to know that in order to contribute to the virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia, you do not need to be registered on the platform. Creating an account on Wikipedia is not a pre-requisite for editing a Wikipedia page or creating a Wikipedia page or article.

Now, why is it significant to create an account on Wikipedia, if it is not a pre-requisite for creating or editing a Wikipedia page? Well, for starters, when you register yourself on Wikipedia and create an account then you are able to have access to the facility of creating a user page and a user talk page. A user page can be used by users to, not only provide information about themselves and keep a record of the edits and pages that they have created but in fact, the user page can also help a user in building a reputation for him or herself as well.

As far as a user talk page is concerned, then you need to understand and comprehend the fact that these user talk pages serve as quite the essential tools for users to collaborate with one another regarding the information on Wikipedia pages, which helps them in editing and offering reliable, authentic and verifiable information about their topics.

Furthermore, when it comes other benefits of creating an account on Wikipedia then you must know that registering yourself on Wikipedia allows you to have access to advanced editing tools and to other pages, which may not be accessible for you to edit as a non-registered user on the platform.

Now, the creation of account on Wikipedia is quite simple and you need to simply visit Wikipedia and after picking out the language in which you are comfortable with, you must click on the “create account” button that is available on the top right corner of the page. After filling out the information fields asked by Wikipedia, you will have your Wikipedia account created.

Step # 2 – Choose a Notable & Unique Page Title

When it comes to learning about how to write a new page on Wikipedia then you need to understand that after creating the Wikipedia page and registering yourself on the platform as a registered user, you must now choose a page title, which must be unique and that meets the notability standards of the virtual encyclopedia.

As far as, what notability is then you must understand that it simply means that your page title must be good enough and significant enough according to Wikipedia’s standards to have a separate page for itself.

Choose a Notable & Unique Page Title

Step # 3 – Research Comprehensively on Your Topic

Comprehensive research is one of the most fundamental aspects of writing for a page on Wikipedia. After all, you simply cannot offer and deliver reliable, authentic and verifiable information without your proper research. However, there are limits to what you can do as far as research is concerned. According to the research policies of Wikipedia, this virtual encyclopedia does not allow users and writers to use Wikipedia for conducting original research. All your facts must come from already published researches.

Research Comprehensively on Your Topic

Step # 4 – Start Writing for Your Page

When you talk about writing for your Wikipedia page, then you need to understand that you must ensure that all your page’s content must be in line and in accordance with the core content policies of Wikipedia.

Now, as far as the core content policies of Wikipedia are concerned then you need to understand that Wikipedia lays great emphasis on three aspects of the content, which are that your content or information, which you are providing on the platform, must be presented in a neutral point of view; Your content must be easily verifiable; And, your content must not something, which is used to do or complete unfinished research.

Step # 5 – Check for Errors & Submit Your Page

Last but not the least, in this step, you need to review your Wikipedia page or article to check and correct any errors because each page goes through a comprehensive and strict review and screening process before it can go live. Therefore, before submitting your page, you must make sure that it does not have any errors.


How to write a good Wikipedia page?

Writing for a Wikipedia page is not an easy task and most people usually fail to get their Wikipedia pages approved by the platform. Therefore, most writers have devised a 5-step technique to make a good page on Wikipedia. These steps are, 1) Registration, 2) Choosing a page title, 3) Researching Your Topic thoroughly, 4) Writing Your Page’s Content and 5) Page submission.

Can anyone write a Wikipedia page?

Yes, according to the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia, no one needs any kinds of licenses to write a Wikipedia page or edit any pages. However, because Wikipedia wants to maintain a certain standard of the information of their information therefore, each writer and editor needs to contribute on this platform according to the platform’s policies and guidelines.

Is it difficult to learn how to write your own Wikipedia page?

No, learning how to create a Wikipedia page for yourself is not difficult however, most people recommend not to create or write a page for yourself because of the conflict of interest policy of Wikipedia.