How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author

An online platform where there are millions of encyclopedia stores for the reader to read. Wikipedia is an online platform with 18-billion-page viewers a month. Wikipedia runs under a team of editors and contributors known as Wikipedians, who are part of the Wikipedia community of volunteers. At first, Wikipedia was introduced in English but now it operates in 325 languages. Wikipedia is run by a non-profit organization Wikimedia. It was established in 2001 by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales. With its incredibility, it was stated as;

Biggest encyclopedia in the world’ Times Magazine

Wikipedia has always gained positive reviews for its bias-free content, the democratization of knowledge, its structure, and verifiable content. Wikipedia completely avoids biases towards ethnic affiliations or any conflicts. One of the qualities that set Wikipedia apart from others is that anyone can edit the articles from anywhere. You don’t have to be an expert or a famous writer to do it. To join Wikipedia as an editor it only requires to sign up on their page.

The Notability And The Reference Factor

1.  Notability

It is the determining factor that decides if an article will make it to the platform or not. The first rule of Wikipedia is to be notable. The notability carries fundamental importance and is to be a part of a wiki group. The author should be worthy of notice and be credible by authentic sources. Notability has its user rules and guidelines that define its criteria. If an author wants to climb up on the Wikipedia platform the guidelines say;

  • The articles should come from secondary sources; they can be from both online as well as offline platforms but have to be verified before clearing for notability
  • The sources should be reliable and carry a strong background, the sources need to be from the links verified by Wikipedia
  • The author should be a significant person and should carry distinct importance to have an article written about them ·
  • For an author’s notability their news, interviews, and adverts are not considered reliable for an article

2.  References 

Wikipedia does not support anyone without reliable sources. References are what make a person notable and help in generating visibility. You need to provide them with a list of authentic and reliable references for the author’s page. The references carry distinct importance; it takes a long time to be eligible for references. They must be collected from secondary sources and should not be written by the author itself. Wikipedia does not endorse promotional content or original research.

What Benefits Does A Wikipedia Page Have?

Wikipedia carries its sheer importance and there are no online encyclopedias like that. You can build a prominent name that can run in history by making a presence on Wikipedia, even today people search and read about Agatha Christie. For an author, it can help in building more visibility and a confident name in the industry. It helps in making well-structured information about you and helps in building a potential fan base.

Things To Consider Before Making A Wikipedia Page For An Author

Wikipedia carries its sheer importance and there are no online encyclopedias like that. You can build a prominent name that can run in history by making a presence on Wikipedia, even today people search and read about Agatha Christie.  For an author, it can help in building more visibility and a confident name in the industry. It helps in making well-structured information about you and helps in building a potential fan base.

three things need to be memorized before writing an article for an author. Wikipedia stands firm in its policies. The three factors that make or break the chances of getting on Wikipedia and are;

1.  Neutral Point Of View (NPOV)

As it says, the article should be neutral. the articles must be written from a factual angle and should not promote anything. Wikipedia has clearly defined its rules for a neutral point of view. Wikipedia has always been praised for its neutral content. They do not endorse gender bias, religious conflicts, or political; affiliations.

2.  Verifiability

Writing a Wikipedia article requires verifiable information. all the information added should be verified and will be verified after being written. The information should be extracted from credible sources that include facts, figures, quotations, and accolades.

3.  No Original Research

You cannot write original research on Wikipedia, as it only allows you to create an article gathered from credible sources and references. The research should be from sources approved by Wikipedia. If the information is a universal truth, it should be credited too from verifiable sources.

The Essential Steps On How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author

So, here you are and have finally jumped into the trend of creating a Wikipedia page,

1.  Create An Account

This is the first step of creating a Wikipedia page. This is from where it all starts. You have to start by creating a Wikipedia account by logging on to their website and clicking on the ‘sign up’ tab.

·  Choose a username

You have to choose your username. make sure that you are choosing a user that is unique as well as is new. Wikipedia does not accept an already existing name. Don’t choose a name that promotes other authors. You have to choose a username that is suitable according to your interests.

·  Enter the password

Create a password of your choice but make sure that it is according to the criteria of Wikipedia. It is private property that should not share or disclose by anyone. Confirm the password and memorize it.

After clearing all the steps and entering the authentic information, click on the ‘create account’ tab and wait for the verification.

2.  Check The Red Link Criteria

Once you are in, check out the red link method. The red link method indicates whether the writing you are creating is authentic or not. If the article does not exist on Wikipedia a red link will appear and it means that you can choose to write on the topic. Red links help maintain the credibility of the Wikipedia platform and similar names do not collide with each other.

There are certain guidelines of the red link, where you don’t need to check the red link method but when comes to the writing of an author the red link method has to check.

3.  Build A Prominent Name On Wikipedia

Well, only notable personalities make it to Wikipedia, before gaining a published space on Wikipedia, you need to become a prominent name. You have to build a prominent name to make a Wikipedia page for an author, by making some edits on the platform. to build a reputable name, make some edits on the industry-related names and add relevant information. All the information added should be based on facts and statistical data.

This will give more visibility as well as turn you into an autoconfirmed user. the autoconfirmed user is allowed to upload pictures and move the images. An autoconfirmed user has more chances of getting their page published.

4.  Write Authentic Information About The Author

To make a Wikipedia page for an author you need to gather relevant and authentic information that is reliable and verifiable. the content has to be interesting and attractive to the readers. do not go deep into the history of the author; instead, it is better to attach reference links about their achievements and history. When you establish your identity online, people connect with you. Make sure the content carries a positive and transparent image. Highlight the author’s great achievement in notable works.

You have to maintain and obey the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia, the research information should be from secondary sources. To write powerful content write content that states facts. State all the facts in a neutral tone and do not promote the person as it is not a promotional article.

5.  Add Citation And Format

WP: CITE, plays a crucial role in Wikipedia writing; it helps in making content reliable. in Wikipedia, all the citations need to be checked thoroughly before adding the. Wikipedia has a proper guideline for its formatting. The citations should be from secondary sources. The facts and stats should be from reliable sources such as newspapers, books, public government records. Wikipedia does not consider magazines, tabloids, and social media to be authentic sources.

Another important aspect you need to check out in writing as an article has to be properly formatted and outlined. Make sure the content is readable and is SEO friendly and make it readable. write crisp and perfectly knitted content by writing short paragraphs and subheadings, and write points to make it readable. Add visuals and images to generate more viewers and attract the SEO rankings.

6.  Keep Practicing

Practice is what makes a person perfect! you need to keep practising and writing to counter a perfect article. Wikipedia community has set its rules to write articles under the article wizard. if you are looking to create a Wikipedia page for a book. Make sure that the author does not have a conflict of interest with another author. Wikipedia strategy discourages it. Make content that flows in a neutral tone, and is free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.

Proofreading is another crucial step you need to tackle. Proofreading helps in optimizing the content and helps to create error-free content. Here, Wikipedia has integrated a help page that is called the TalkPages, where editors and contributors talk and discuss the improvement and changes regarding the articles. This can help in understanding and having a clear idea of how editors write and work.

You can experiment you’re writing a test them out on the Sandbox, sandbox help’s in looking and reviewing how the article will look after it is published. After having an idea how will the article look you can start to write a final draft.

7.  Optimize The Content

You need to write content that is SEO friendly and ranks on the top of the search engine page. You need to write optimized content so the author can gain a visible name and mark a historical identity. The simplest way to write SEO-optimized content is to search the most relevant keywords and include them in the article. The keywords are an integral part of bringing the SERP rank higher.

Try to gain more external links as it bolsters the article ranking and helps in gaining visibility. The external links are accepted by Wikipedia and give a reputable look at the article.

8.  Submit And Wait For The Review

An article review on Wikipedia takes time, the editors read the article and take approximately 2 weeks to relay and give feedback on the article. Sometimes the editors approve the entire article or ask to make some changes to it. It is always better to do as they ask to! Editing helps the content to be precise and Wiki friendly. The editors may have some critique on the article and may delete it as it may not be in favor of Wikipedia guidelines.

The story does not end here, you have to be vigilant and active to keep up with the modifications and amendments Of Wikipedia guidelines. If you want the Wikipedia author or book page to run in the longest. You need to gear up and have sheer knowledge of how to keep your article relevant.


Q1. How long does it take to create a Wikipedia page for a book?

Answer: After passing all the steps of Wikipedia page creation. You have to submit it to the editor, which usually takes around 3 months. Wikipedians check thoroughly if the article sits under the policies and guidelines.

Q2. What is the credibility to create a Wikipedia page for an author?

Answer: It is the most crucial factor; one cannot move without being credible to create a Wikipedia page. first, you have to be worthy of notice. Notability is the basic criteria for getting a Wikipedia article published. Other than that! you need references from secondary sources as they are recognized by Wikipedia.

Q3. How to create a Wikipedia page for a book?

Answer: Wikipedia only allows credible books and authors to have a space on the platform. you need to follow all the steps mentioned in the article. The articles carry all the details of creating a Wikipedia page.

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