How To Create A Wikipedia Page for a University

Wikipedia is an online platform that hosts millions of articles in different languages. Wikipedia is the third most popular site as per Alexa. It uses the model of open collaboration by using a Wiki-based editing system. Wikipedia operates in more than 325 languages, and it is operated by Wikimedia which is a non-profit American organization. Wikipedia has a set framework set by the Wiki authorities.

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The Basic Rules Of Wikipedia

To create a Wikipedia page, one has to go through a series of steps to clear the Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Wikipedia clearly explains its principles to resolve conflicts and best practices to create a Wikipedia page.

  • Wikipedia requires the content to be clear, precise, and direct in its words.
  • Be concise with the words, do not go overboard with examples and rambling over words
  • Write clear and direct using a neutral tone
  • Do say more of the spirit of the law is clear
  • Write readable content, identify the goal of the page. Avoid any kind of redundancy.
  • Add the links as per need in the article, write clear links when they defer

The 3 Main Content Principles Of Wikipedia Content

Wikipedia reflects a lot of importance on the guidelines of writing content; they must be understood and used while writing a Wikipedia article for anyone. Wikipedia content policies help in writing a fair and proportional article without bias. The Wikipedia content policies show the reliability of Wikipedia. The three content policies are,

1.      Neutral Point Of View (NPOV)

It is the basics and a vital content policy of Wikipedia. A neutral point of view refers to writing content from a neutral point of view (NPOV). The NPOV is a non-negotiable law with other policies to be followed. The basic aim of any Wikipedia article is to inform, not to promote. Wikipedia emphasized the editors to be well versed in the three core principles of Wikipedia. If the editors have their point of view that should be from an informational angle. A neutral point of view does not mean to exclude certain points; information that has weight is to be added to the article. Neutral point of view further explains that;

  • A point of view should not be written as facts, the opinions should be attributed with reliable sources where they are justified
  • If different reliable sources gave conflicting assertions, state the assertions as opinions and not as facts
  • The general facts and achievements verified by reliable sources should be stated as facts. The facts should have solid references to counter the verifiability principle
  • Do not use a judgmental tone as Wikipedia neither agrees or disagrees with any subject. Keep a balance between everything and present the article in a disinterested tone
  • Ensure that the opposing views in the article also shows support and does not give a false information

Moreover, neutrality explains that not to remove any information that is biased, instead present it civilly. Problems such as biased material can be balanced by citing other sources that are from a neutral perspective.

2.      Verifiability

In Wikipedia verifiability, means writing content that is verified; by reliable sources. Wikipedia does not believe in original research. So, any article has to be previously published and from verifiable sources. From a small fact, a great accolade, everything should be verified or otherwise written in a neutral tone. Content or quotations that are likely to be challenged for their verifiability must be included with the inline citation.

Any unpublished source is not considered verifiable, sources must be appropriate and published. The best source of verifiability is its, legality, structure, evidence, arguments, and overall context. The greater is the scrutiny more are the chances of its verifiability. Usually, literary articles and journals are considered as most reliable sources. Other than academic journals, School or University textbooks, books by authentic writers, magazines, and newspapers are reliable sources for verifiability.

Wikipedia has defined questionable source that does not qualify for verifiability such as self-published articles. Questionable sources have a poor reputation that lacks information and stats and is not from credible platforms. Apart from this, self-published articles are also not reliable as they are written for self-promotion. In the case of a self-published article, only self-published expert sources are considered reliable. In case, when they were previously published by reliable and independent sources.

3.      No Original Research

No original research is one of the content policies on Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not support or promote original research. Wikipedia does not accept any stats, data, or content that has no published sources. If you are presenting no original data, it must have links that directly or indirectly support the topic of the article. Any article falling under the no original research category should have potential sources. Universal truths such as ‘Washington is the capital of the USA’. It does not need any source of verification. It is considered original research. To publish, and verify no original research, the sources need to be secondary and tertiary.

Steps To Create A Wikipedia Page For A School or University

To create a Wikipedia page for a school or university, you need to first be sure about the notability of the school or university and its eligibility. After that, start with the Wiki page creation process.

Step# 1

Start By Making An Account

The first step is to make a Wikipedia account, you need to start from scratch by logging on to the Wikipedia page and ‘sign up’. By signing up one has the license to get started for creating a Wikipedia page. Simply, sign up entering a suitable username and powerful password. It is the ticket to the entrance.

Remember, a username should be unique, and should not collide with any other school or university’s page. The password should be according to the Wikipedia requirements.

log inStep# 2

Make A Visible Name On Wikipedia for a School

Wikipedia qualifies a contender that has built a prominent name on the platform. Once the Wikipedia page is approved, start editing. Edit the articles by adding statistical and factual data and information. The usual edits required by Wikipedia are around 10 to 14. The editing helps n become an autoconfirmed user. The autoconfirmed users have the privilege to add or remove images and best of all they have the access to start with their article.

Step# 3

Research On Your Topic

Research on the topic thoroughly, and make it unique and plagiarism-free. Collect authentic and relevant information about the topic you are writing about. Look out for the achievements and the references rather than writing about lengthy history. Write an article that is free from conflict of interest and falls under the content guidelines of Wikipedia.  Write content that is transparent and is appropriate with notable accolades of the university.

Step# 4 Keep On Practsing With The Articles

One needs to keep writing and practicing the article for it to publish. To publish an article, start by writing drafts and by having a deep analysis of the content guidelines of Wikipedia as it is the best way to practice. If you are looking for how to create a Wikipedia page for a school or university, start by practicing until the final product is achieved.

Step# 5

Have A Review

After writing the article, have a review of everything. Look out for what you are writing and endorsing in the articles. You can practice by writing the article under the article wizard or paste it on the Sandbox. The Sandbox helps in looking at the interface of the article.


Structure Your Writing

Layout a proper structure and outline for the article. Index the article properly by making an outline of the content and citation by incorporating the Wikipedia citation guidelines.


Wait For The Final Round

After writing a perfect article, it goes through a submission process. The articles are submitted to the editors, who check and analyze the articles. The editors reply to make some changes or they clear the article for publication.


Q1) How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Educational Institute?

Answer: Under the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia that defines the process of getting onto Wikipedia. It states that anyone willing to have a presence on Wikipedia must have the notability factor. Notability means to be worthy. Notability decides whether a person is eligible to be on Wikipedia or not.

Q2) What is Wikipedia?

Answer: Wikipedia is an online platform that contains content of general and specialized encyclopedia. It is a free content encyclopedia where anyone can share content freely. The content on Wikipedia is largely carried out by its volunteers.

Q3) What is meant by article titles on Wikipedia?

Answer: On Wikipedia, the article titles must be natural and unique. The article title on Wikipedia is the heading on the article’s page name or the URL.

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