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People love to hunt for credible information about different personalities. They are always scrolling on the internet about the early life of a person they love. Today, people usually prefer Wikipedia to get valid information. As you should know Wikipedia is the world’s largest platform that provides legit information for about two decades. It is the first free Internet-based platform that becomes the biggest encyclopedia.

However, this platform operates under open-source management with the aim of delivering informative content to its readers. It creates user-generated content that simply means the content does not restrict to specific people. It gives accessibility to anyone to edit information with relevant resources. Here you find more than 64 million articles in English and positioned itself in the top 14th most viewed site in all over the world.

If you are planning to have a Wikipedia profile and are curious about how do I get a Wikipedia profile, then you need to dig into this blog.

How To Create A Wikipedia Biography Page

Yet, it is clear to everybody that creating a Wikipedia profile is not an easy thing to do. There are several things a person should consider especially when he wants to write the Wikipedia biography page. Many people are stressing about how do I get a Wikipedia profile. So, from now, all your worries are over. Here you will read the detailed steps that surely help you in getting the perfect Wikipedia profile.

So, follow each step to create a flawless Wikipedia profile that gets instant approval.

Step 1 – Start With The Account Creation Services

If you want to know how to get a Wikipedia profile, then you need to start with the account creation process. However, it is the very first phase of this ladder you have to climb. Nobody can create an article easily on the world’s biggest encyclopedia. There are a set of rules and guidelines you should follow.

So, you have to begin this process with its basics. For this, just follow the steps mentioned below:

–  You should open the org link

–  At the top right corner, you find the create account option

search wikipedia–  Click the “create account option” then an account creation form opened

create account option– Fill the form with the basic credentials

–  Make sure you opt for the appropriate username and go through its policies

–  Add a strong password for security

–  Add email address to get notifications and stay updated

–  Click the link receive on email for account confirmation

–  Sign in to your account when your account gets confirmed

–  The first phase of your Wikipedia biography page is completed, now heading toward the second step.

Step 2 – Develop your positive reputation by showing your existence

Getting an account on Wikipedia is not enough. You should build a positive reputation in front of authorities, as it gives you the capability to get your Wikipedia biography page. However, you have to keep in your mind that Wikipedia is the platform that works on the relevant content. For this platform, credibility and integrity are the major wings, so you need to show that exit and build a positive reputation.

step 2To do so, you have to do at least 7 authentic edits on the existing pages with the most relevant citations and authentic links. If you failed to perform proper sourcing, then you might ruin your credibility and lead to add up the negative reputation. Bear in mind, the more credible edits you do there are several chances to get your biography page approved. For the next step, make sure your account is for days older with a minimum of seven reliable edits.

reliable editStep 3 – Create a unique Title for your profile

The one thing you have to consider is to choose the exclusive title for your Wikipedia biography page. If you want to get the limelight for your biography page, then your headline plays a vital role in it. Therefore, to write a Wikipedia biography page your title must be unique, simple, and attractive as well. You have to ensure that your page title must be distinctive that help you to stand out among the similar pages.

Step 4 – Check out is your page title is Available

Once you have done with your page title, you need to search it on the search box to ensure that your page title is not already exited on Wikipedia.

step 4You need to enter your title in the search box and find that it appears in a red link or blue link.

–  Blue Link: If your title name appears in the blue color, it simply means this title already exists and you have to choose another one.

–  Red Link: If the headline appears in the red link, it means your title eventually does not exist and it is good to go.

Ask for the page to be created

After red link confirmation that the biography page does not exist, you should go for the option “ask for it to be created”. When you click it, you will see the detailed guidelines of to make Wikipedia biography page, and then you are ready for further procedure. It is one of the simplest steps in the whole Wikipedia page creation process.

Step 5 – Create a Wikipedia biography page

This is the most important step for the page creation process. If you are wondering how do I get the Wikipedia biography page perfectly, you need to comprehend the content creation guidelines. Wikipedia gives you two options; you want to write on Article Wizard or practice your first draft on Sandbox. If you want to do some practice, then you have the authority to do it. Otherwise, you can directly write it.

wikipedia article wizardStep 6 – Read the notability guidelines

For the Wikipedia biography profile, you should read the set of guidelines proposed by Wikipedia. The authorities mentioned the understanding content creation and page creation guidelines will help you to create verifiable content. Following the notability guidelines leads you towards the seamless Wikipedia profile under significant and verifiable coverage.

Moreover, when you write the Wikipedia biography page, you have to follow the exact format that is suggested by Wikipedia:

step 6This format tells you how to add information about the person you are going to discuss. So, make sure your content creation must align in such a style to get instant page approval by wiki authorities.

Step 7 – Write up the page content

As you know Wikipedia is the platform that demands comprehensive research to make the content unique and valuable. The reason is you should educate your targeted audience with the appropriate knowledge. When you write the Wikipedia biography page, make sure your content follows the set of guidelines such as behavioral guidelines, content guidelines, and style guidelines.

–  Term to Follow for the biography page

1.  Early Lifestyle

When you are writing the biography page, you can write up on their early life such as you mentioned where he/she was born, where they spend life in childhood and many other questions like this. Creating content in this style encourages readers to read the article and develop more curiosity.

2.  Life Description

In this section, you can discuss what the person has done in his life and what are the challenges he faced in their life with complete details.

3.  Education

On the biography page, you can mention their educational life that what he studied, what he wants to be, and how he makes life decisions, etc. However, this type of information garners the reader’s attention and also engages them in your content.

4.  About Married Life

When talking about the person’s life, whether he was a celebrity or not, people are curious to know about their personal life. They love to know about the marriage status and kids. This kind of information creates a Wikipedia biography page more attractive and captivating.

5.  Achievements and Awards

This is the most important part that makes your Wikipedia profile more attractive. When you add the accomplishment and achievements of the person, it will add weightage to your content. This is the point that validates why the personality needs to be famous.

6.  Philosophical Views

In the Wikipedia page content creation guidelines, you read adding any unethical and political content is strictly prohibited. But, when you write about a specific person, you can share their opinion related to politics and philosophy to give a clearer picture of the personality you are talking about. It is appreciated when you share the opinion

7.  Bibliography

The thing that you need to bear in mind when you make a Wikipedia profile is that this largest encyclopedia does not create content without proper bibliography and referencing. It is mandatory to cite every little piece of information when you write the Wikipedia biography page. From the early life stage to the person’s death, you need to mention everything with an authentic resource to make their Wikipedia profile more authentic. Keep in mind, if you fail in doing so, your page may get rejected.

Step 8 – Review the biography content

To make your Wikipedia profile more worthy, you need to create a draft and keep all the relevant points in your mind. You need to make sure that your content must be designed under the Wikipedia formatting criteria. You have to ensure the content you create must perfectly structure under the Wikipedia guidelines. However, if you find any errors, you need to correct them before submitting them to the authorities.

Step 9 – Time to submit the biography page for approval

You should need to perform every step smoothly, so you are eligible to submit the page for approval. However, when you preview your page content and make sure your content is free from redundancy and illicit information, you need to submit your page to the Wikipedia authorities.

The page approval might take a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of 7 months approval. If your page needs some amendments, they send you an email to edit the information. Once you have done, you are allowed to publish your page.

Step 10 – Maintain your page with time

When your page gets approved and you publish it on Wikipedia, it doesn’t mean the process is over. You need to monitor your page regularly to ensure that your page is free from irrelevant information. Update it from time to time to enhance the page notability and visibility.

Things To Contemplate Before You Create Wikipedia Biography Page

Before you start to create the Wikipedia biography page and wonder how do I get a perfect Wikipedia page, read the tips mentioned below:

         I.  Dig out the personal information by researching

Remember, when you don’t have adequate information about the person, you are not able to craft a good biography page. It is necessary to go into in-depth research to make the next move more credible. You need to dig out the authentic information to determine the personality more clearly. The more you develop the understanding of the person, the better you have chances for page creation.

       II.  Get permission to write about their life

When you choose the subject of your biography page, you need to take permission from that person. However, getting permission makes it easier to get relevant information and make your writing process. This will help you to create a seamless profile with significant details. It helps you to make the story more compelling.

     III.  Use flashbacks

Make sure you use flashbacks to create compelling content. Using flashbacks allows you to add relevant past information to develop curiosity among the readers.

     IV.  Decide the aim of your page

When deciding about whom you are going to write, then you need to figure out who is your audience and what is your aim behind it. Knowing your page aim and the targeted audience will help you to comprehend their demand, so you can create fully engaging content.

Can You Write Your Own Biography On Wikipedia?

When you are thinking about the question that can you write your own biography on Wikipedia, the answer is yes, but you cannot make it. The reason is when you read the Wikipedia eligibility guidelines, you read that you can create your own Wikipedia page. But it may create a conflict of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a Wikipedia biography?

To write the Wikipedia page, you should follow the complete Wikipedia guidelines to craft unique and engaging content. Make sure the information you add should be ethical with proper citation. One more thing you need to consider is to avoid vandalism on every step.

How do I get a Wikipedia profile?

In order to get a Wikipedia biography page, you have to follow the exact instructions to create a flawless biography page to nurture an audience efficiently.

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