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Wikipedia is the platform that gives access to each individual that belongs from every corner of the earth. It is the site recognized as the top and largest encyclopedia. However, Wikipedia is not similar to any regular encyclopedia.

The best thing about this online site is it allows users to create user-generated content. It means anyone anytime has access to the information. Moreover, they can also edit the page with authentic resources. You know that Wikipedia is not bound for creating content, but it suggests some page creation guidelines that are crucial to making a Wikipedia page approved. The major thing for Wikipedia pages is content validation and authentication. Once you make sure your wiki page follows the exact guidelines, it means you have accessibility to get wiki page approval instantly.

It is clear to everybody that when they come to search for the most authentic and accurate information, they choose Wikipedia as the authentic platform. According to Alexa, it is the 14th most viewed site all over the world. It is the hub of information that has millions of articles, and interestingly each article is filled with trustworthy information.

Fundamentals To Consider To Make A Wikipedia Page Approved

Yet, creating a Wikipedia page is the toughest task. The reason is there are several things a writer needs to consider before making a Wiki page. So, don’t stress yourself just read this article from top to the bottom.

  1. Must contemplate the principles of notability
  2. Go through the Wikipedia page creation guidelines
  3. Make sure you add relevant information to your content
  4. Avoid to add original research
  5. Promotional tone content is strictly prohibited on Wikipedia
  6. Never try to add any kind of biased information
  7. Make shorter sentences
  8. Ensure that your content is free from grammar errors
  9. Information you add must be credible

Steps to Learn How To Get A Wikipedia Page Approved

Every person knows Wikipedia is one of the biggest encyclopedias all over the world. It is a free platform to gain the most appropriate knowledge related to every aspect. This platform is free and also a perfect place to create informative content.

So, those who wonder about how to get a Wikipedia page approved in effective ways, then follow the steps discussed below:

3 Phases Of Wikipedia Page Creation

For your ease, the whole Wikipedia page creation process is divided into three phases. Without further ado, let’s dig into this!

  1. Phase one: Account creation process
  2. Phase two: Show your availability on Wikipedia
  3. Phase three: A page creation process

Phase One: Account Creation Process

When you want to be on Wikipedia, the very first step is to register your account on Wikipedia. The account creation process is quite simple. There is not any rocket science behind it. A myth about account creation & page creation is that both are similar things. But, that’s not true. Account creation is the initial step that gives you eligibility to create your Wikipedia page. Whereas, page creation is the last and the detailed step.

–  Create an Account

Creating an account on Wikipedia help to show your presence online, build your reputation, and gives you authority to do successful edits. If you want to make a Wikipedia approved read its guidelines from start. It even mentioned the guidelines for creating a username. Below you read the steps that drive you towards account creation.

  • Open org
  • Choose your primary language
  • Click create an account option seen at the top right corner of your screen
  • A wiki registration form opens on your screen
  • Fill the form with appropriate information
  • Use unique username with password
  • Must add an email address
  • For account confirmation, check the email address you provided
  • Click on the link to confirm your account
  • Once your account is confirmed, log in with the credentials again.

log in

These are the basic part of the Wikipedia page creation process. Now you are stepping forward to the digital world.

Phase Two: Show Your Availability On Wikipedia

Reliability and credibility are considered as the two main wings for Wikipedia. It considered who can make a Wikipedia page, whether he is authentic or not. To prove the validity, you only need to show that you are existed by doing relevant editing on the existing pages. Before, creating your first draft.

You have to make changes that need serious amendments with relevant citations and sourcing. You also need to comprehend the Wikipedia editing guidelines. The editing shows your credibility and also helps to create a Wikipedia article approved. Bear in mind, the more authentic edits you make there are more chances to get your page approved.

However, businesses who are failed to perform proper sourcing may affect their credibility. Make sure that you make changes with reliable resources that are backed up with links. Also, make sure your editing is free from original research. And no biased information you included in the content. This may ruin your reputation. Ensures that your editing is also free from vandalism.

Show Your Availability On Wikipedia

Phase Three: A Page Creation Process

This is the final and the most important phase of Wikipedia page creation. If you are thinking about who can get a Wikipedia page, then keep in mind it is the open encyclopedia that helps everyone to deliver interesting information.

It is now the right time to start your page creation journey.

–  Research your topic thoroughly

To make a Wikipedia page approved, the very first thing is to choose your topic carefully. You need to examine is your topic is unique or not. Research is the key factor to getting a seamless wiki page. You need to do thorough research, gather your data from reliable resources, and ensure that the topic you want chooses is not exist already covered.

For this, you need to search your topic in search results. This will help you to determine whether you are eligible to cover this topic or not by checking blue and red links.

Suppose you enter the topic in the search bar, and it appears in blue color that indicates the topic already has been covered. But if it shows in red color that means you are allowed to write on this topic. When the page doesn’t exist, you can click on the option “ask for the page to be created”. This option is available right behind the red link.

Research your topic thoroughly

–  Craft article at article wizard & sandbox

When you click the option “ask for the page”, you will direct to the wiki page where you read Wikipedia page instructions and guidelines. Here you will also find the option of “Article Wizard”, click on it. Once you click, a new window will appear in which they ask whether you post your content or may practice it on the Sandbox. It’s up to you, either you want to do practice or go directly for the write-up.

–  Must add citations in your content

NotabilityVerifiability, and Reliability are the most important concerns of Wikipedia. That simply means you need to add content that must back up with the appropriate information. When you add citations, it simply means you show that your content is legitimate. Today, people always prefer to read legit information.

Adding citations gives readers the insight that whatever you right is backed up with the most credible information. There are several citation styles are recommended by Wikipedia, you can opt for the one that meets your criteria. In the majority, the Harvard referencing style is usually followed.

–  Make sure about formatting criteria

In content creation, another important aspect you need to consider is the formatting criteria. It is the measure part in creating attractive content. Presentation of your content plays a vital role in indulging potential readers. Not only this, it even helps you in organizing your content perfectly.

Yet, research is a tempting task but many of us make every effort to increase its verifiability. But, without perfect formatting, you are not able to achieve a high ranking on Google searches. You must need to consider the formatting criteria to garner the attention of your viewers.

–  Create engaging content

Content plays a major role to attract readers. As you know that Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that allows anyone to get a Wikipedia page to achieve a higher ranking in Google search results. Wikipedia volunteers mentioned that core content policy to approve your Wikipedia page without hassle. Create captivating headlines and subheadings in your content. Must add catchy phrases and taglines to engage readers.

On Wikipedia, the toughest challenge is to create engaging and appealing content rather than promotional. In the content conduct policies, the wiki authorities strictly suggest creating content from a neutral point of view, no personal attacks, making clear and concise sentences, and must support your content with perfect images.

–  Review your page before submission

Once you have done with content creation under all the Wikipedia guidelines, next you have to review your page. Previewing your page helps you to remove all unnecessary information from the content. You can even make sure that your content must meet with Wikipedia measures such as you do not add any biased information, creating concise sentences, etc. Make sure your content is written in a professional tone. Fix your content errors to increase the chances of approval.

–  Submit the article

After previewing, now is the time to submit the content to wiki authorities. When you submit the page, you have to wait for 3 months to 6 months for its approval. The wiki page approval process might take some time and send you a mail if your page requires some fewer changes. In your content, they must check the content credibility and also make sure the content is authentic. Otherwise, they might reject the page if they find content related to a conflict of interest.

–  Wait for its approval

At the time when your page gets approved, you can publish it to get increase your authenticity and reliability. Make sure you monitor your page regularly to avoid any irrelevant and illicit information. Update your content gradually to enhance your visibility.

Guidelines To Get Instant Wiki Page Approval

Yet, it is truly getting an approved Wikipedia is not the piece of cake you can enjoy easily. There are a number of pros and cons, you need to manage and invest your efforts and dedication to making impressive foundations of your wiki page. Read the tips mentioned below;

  • Adhere to all the policies to create top-quality content
  • Content transparency is the key to content approval
  • You must need to evaluate all the necessary requirements of the Wikipedia page
  • Avoid to re-write on the topics
  • Must remember the major aspects of Wikipedia page
  • Make sure you never make anonymous edits
  • Never use jargons

Things To Avoid On Wikipedia Page

If you want to get a Wikipedia page approved, it is important to consider the things that you need to avoid on Wikipedia.

  1. Avoid banners that are irrelevant to your topic and vague
  2. Avoid headers that are too long
  3. Avoid writing redundant words and information
  4. Avoid bringing up personal disputes
  5. Avoid creating poorly structured sentences
  6. Avoid self-reference in articles


What are the essential tips to get a Wikipedia page approved? 

If you want to make a Wikipedia page approved, you simply need to ensure that your content must follow the exact Wikipedia guidelines instead of drifting away from the genuine content.

How to get a Wikipedia page approved?

Getting a Wikipedia page approved is not a cup of tea. It requires complete knowledge related to the page creation journey. Simply, you need to create an account, show your existence, and create unique content.

Who can create a Wikipedia page? 

Wikipedia allows everyone to make a Wikipedia page. For this, there are definite criteria and guidelines that everybody needs to follow for content creation.

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