How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?

With 55.31 million articles till today, Wikipedia has enabled access to world information with ease. The popularity of the site has been enhanced with two major factors, which are ‘availability of useful data’ and ‘language diversity’. According to Alexa, Wikipedia is one of the 5 most visited sites in the world with an average yearly number of 22.67 billion views. It has secured its market-leading position by offering access to free knowledge in approximately 314 languages. Overall, the number of authentic operating pages is 52.07 million.

Nonetheless, this platform has started as an online encyclopedia but today, along with its original purpose, it has become a necessary element for effective personal marketing. Regardless of the industry and market, one is operating in, a Wikipedia page has become the ultimate need.

As the world is inclined towards digital means, it has become obvious to highlight yourself and stand out of the crowd. For this, Wikipedia is one great platform to exhibit your personality to contour into the recent trends.

If you are a pro at something, Wikipedia gives you the opportunity to put it in front of the world. However, the process of ‘how to make a Wikipedia page for yourself’ is not a piece of cake. There will be rejections, there will be edits required, and there will be times when you will feel like giving up. But if you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself that sails through it all, then get started with this guide

Steps of How to Get a Wikipedia Page About Yourself

Can I make a Wikipedia page about myself? You must have at least whispered this to yourself once. In fact, you should have thought of it if you ever wanted to build a digital personality that will be prominent over others in the market. To create a wiki page for yourself these are three major steps followed by various sub-steps you need to abide by. Be careful and be attentive with the procedure.

Step 1: Make your Wikipedia account

A lot of people assume Wikipedia page and Wikipedia account are the same things. However, it is not the case. A Wikipedia account is the first step in the process whereas a page is the last thing you will get. Just like for making good food you need groceries, for a page, you need an account. It allows you to make a Wikipedia article about yourself or create a Wikipedia page for yourself. The sub-steps are as follows

  1. Visit the homepage of Wikipedia at
  2. Choose the language as ‘English’
  3. Look at the top right corner of the appeared screen
  4. Select the ‘create account’ option
  5. Fill the registration form with the required information
  6. Open your provided email address
  7. Click on the account opening link to confirm your account
  8. Come back to the homepage and login into your account

With this super easy process, the first step of your doubt of can I make a Wikipedia page for myself is accomplished.

Step 2: Be a reputable account on Wikipedia

What do you do after you have got the groceries? You cut them and prepare them for the dish you are making. Here, you have to do the same, which is to prepare your account for activities so that you can make a successful Wikipedia page for yourself. For that, you have to do edits on other relevant pages. For instance, you are a chef, your relevant industry will be food. You will have to edit a few pages but if only they need some changes. Doing unnecessary edits will add up to a negative reputation. The more accurate and needed edits you do, the higher your page’s approval chances will be. As soon as you build the reputation, your second part of how to create Wikipedia page for yourself is successfully performed.

Steps to edit a Wikipedia page

This is how you can edit other Wikipedia pages

  1. Go to any accessible page
  2. Look at the top right corner
  3. Click on the edit option
  4. You will end up in the ‘Wikitext’ window
  5. Write the edited content with the used sources
  6. Preview the edits
  7. Click the publish change button

Step 3: Create your Wikipedia page

You are now at the final step. You can make a Wikipedia page about yourself at this point. For this, the most important element is the title of the page. You can only create a page if the title you choose appears to be as a ‘red link’. A red link means that the title you have searched for is available and you can use it for your page. Whereas, a blue link is the complete opposite of it. It means that the title already exists and you have to look for something else. However, the process of how to get a wiki page about yourself is this

  1. Search for the red link
  2. Click on the red link
  3. A new blank page will appear as Article Wizard
  4. Post the content of the page on it
  5. Click the ‘publish changes’ option
  6. Your page will be created

Ways to search for the red links

You may have been wondering how will you find the red links. Read the two widely used processes below to find that out.

Process 1: Searching the homepage
  1. Open the homepage of Wikipedia at
  2. Select English as your language
  3. Click on the search bar
  4. Write your decided title on it
  5. The screen will show you ‘it does not exist’ in the color red
  6. Click on the red colored title
  7. Follow the process mentioned at the start of the step
Process 2:  The previewing of the red link
  1. Open any accessible page
  2. Click on the edit option
  3. Surround your preferred title in double brackets
  4. Click on the preview option
  5. A red link will appear on your screen
  6. Proceed with the process by clicking on the red link

How Can You Write a Wikipedia Page About Yourself?

When you are a famous personality; people want to know more about you. They might follow you on your social accounts but it will not reveal your life to them as much as a Wikipedia page will.  A Wikipedia page will inform your fans about your personal and professional life.

However, to make things work out and look smooth, you have to pay attention to the content of the page. Remember, writing a Wikipedia page needs expertise and dedication. If it is not up to the mark, your page might get rejected or it may not get the desired appreciation you thought of. Nonetheless, to write a well-structured and presentable page about yourself, you have to follow the following steps

1.    Know the community guidelines

The most important thing in the process of how to write a Wikipedia page about yourself is to follow and know the community guidelines. Wikipedia does a strict job when it comes to the approval process. If a page is not following the community guidelines, chances are that it will get rejected. Therefore, to not make things complicated for you in the future, it is better that you read all of the community guidelines properly and make things clear for you. Some of the common Wikipedia community guidelines for writing are these

  • Be clear: Avoid using difficult or complicated terms when writing the content. Be simple, unambiguous, and specific in your writings.
  • Be concise: the content should not be draggy or too long for the reader to read.
  • Use the spirit of the rule: Know that your content will be edited. Therefore, you should use the spirit of the rule for anyone to understand the content.
  • Avoid redundancy: Remember you have to make quality content, not the one that diverts people. Be specific.
  • Do not overlink: Know that you only have to add citations when they are needed. Adding too many links will disturb the originality of the content.
  • Don’t contradict: Your point of view is only yours. Do not impose it on anyone else or target any other page.
  • Avoid vandalism: This means, do not copy or destroy anyone’s content on their page.
  • Be original: Your content should be your entity. It should be unique and original.

2.    Research about relevant pages

The next important step in the process of how to make yourself a Wikipedia page is researching about the competitors or other relevant pages. To get an idea of what others are doing, make sure you go ahead and see their pages. For instance, as a chef, you should check other popular chef pages and get inspired for writing your content. The more you research, the better results will your page drive. Also, this will help you in getting approved earlier.

3.    Create a draft and write your copy

You have done the homework. It is now time to write Wikipedia article about yourself. With an idea in mind, you are to write the content by fulfilling the requirements of a personal Wikipedia page.

  • Details: The section should include all your personal information that you want to make public. Such as date of birth, name, birthplace, city, etc.
  • Career: This part will cover your career journey so far. Define your goals properly and write those interestingly for your readers.
  • Expertise: Inform your readers about your expertise. Such as for a food artist, it can be different food styles and recipes.
  • Achievements: Show your audience the achievements you have unlocked so far in life. For instance, a chef of the year award.
  • References: If you are using information about particular things in your write-up, then make sure to cite it down. If you do not refer to the sources, the content may get rejected.
  • Readings: Add some other books or articles related to your page or the topic so that the interest of the readers is retained.

4.    Publish it on your page

Once everything is written down, it is now time to publish it on your page. Publish it and wait for approval.

Why a Wikipedia page is rejected?

Wikipedia page follows strict policies when it comes to the approval of any page. There are certain Wikipedia community guidelines you have to follow while creating the page. However, the major reasons for the rejection of a page are plagiarized content, lack of notability, biasness in the content, and unauthorized referencing of the used sites.

How to create a Wikipedia biography?

Follow the steps to create a Wikipedia biography page are these: create a Wikipedia account first. Build a reputation by doing the required activity (editing relevant pages). Write the content (complete details about the person you are creating a page for). Review your content. Post it on the page. At last submit the page for approval.

How long does it take for a Wikipedia page to be approved?

Scrutinizing every page and checking its originality may take time. The average time to get a Wikipedia page approved may range anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

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