How to Submit a Wikipedia Article for Review

Wikipedia pages are one of the most authentic and reliable sources of information and knowledge that you can find online these days. Now, this is something that people across the globe have already established or else how can you explain the millions of web traffic on this website. You can actually, tell just by looking at the number of articles and pages uploaded on this virtual encyclopedia, that this platform means a lot to people across the planet. The significance of Wikipedia is pretty high when it comes to searching for authentic and reliable information.

And, the size of this virtual encyclopedia is increasing on an exponential rate as well. According to Wikipedia itself, almost 17000 articles are submitted and uploaded on this virtual encyclopedia every month. The total figure of articles on Wikipedia has exceeded 6 million. Whereas, if you look at the total number of pages then you will see that they have crossed the staggering figure of more than 54.9 million. The figure below shows a complete picture of Wikipedia’s size.

articlesThe stats above show that people are writing Wikipedia pages and articles in a very high volume. Now, this clearly shows that the demand for Wikipedia pages and articles is very high in the world. According to recent observations, Wikipedia pages are one of the most exceptional tools for not only creating awareness about various different topic or subjects but in fact, these pages are also known as amazing marketing tools as well. Many brands or business organizations and individuals are creating Wikipedia pages and using these pages as a means to increase their credibility in their respective professional circles.

According to experts, Wikipedia pages are extremely useful for all those who create them. Wikipedia pages are quite effective when it comes to increasing your brand’s or business organization’s or even your own reputation in the market. Along with that, thee pages and articles are said to offer assistance in increasing your online visibility, web traffic, overall reach, conversion rates along with many other benefits as well. Therefore, these pages are now seen in a completely different light than before by most people. And, because this virtual encyclopedia is considered one of the most reliable and authentic online platforms to search for information therefore, it also serves as the perfect place to put up information about your businesses because it helps in creating brand awareness and helps in engaging the target audiences in an effective manner as well.

However, not every knows how to create these pages or even how to submit a Wikipedia article for review. Now, understanding how to submit a Wikipedia draft for review, is something that you can only do, if you know the right way to create a Wikipedia page and write for this particular platform. Here are some steps, which you need to take to ensure the creation of a page or an article, which can easily be submitted and that also has a high chance of going live on the platform officially as well.

Step # 1 – Registration on the Platform

Wikipedia pages and articles can be created and edited by anyone in the world. Wikipedia allows everyone to contribute to this platform however, there are certain ways that can help you in the creation and editing of a Wikipedia page or article. Now, according to the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia, there are no pre-requisites for creating a Wikipedia page or article or even making edits on any page or article however, having an account on Wikipedia can make things very easy for you, as a writer or editor.

No, it is not necessary to create an account on Wikipedia to make pages or articles or even edit the information on pages however, there are certain pages, which can only be edited by people or writers or editors, who have had accounts on the platform and have made more than 10 edits or more. Now, when you register on Wikipedia, you can gain access to a user page and also a user talk page.

You, as a Wikipedia page writer or editor can use your user page to make a reputation for your work on Wikipedia and also use this page to provide an introduction as well. Furthermore, you can use your user talk page to interact with other Wikipedia users, writers and editors and you can collaborate with them.

Moreover, registering on Wikipedia is an extremely simple thing to do. It doesn’t take much time, nor does it take a lot of effort. You simply need to visit Wikipedia and after deciding the language, you need to click on the “create account” button available on the top right corner of the page. Once done with that, all that is left is for you to fill in the information being asked by the platform and voila, you have an account on Wikipedia.

Step # 2 – Selecting the Right Page Title

One of the most difficult things about creating a page on Wikipedia is to choose the right page title because the actual creation of your page depends on the title of your page a lot. Your Wikipedia page’s title must fulfil two basic requirements and those requirements are that your page title must be unique and it must cater to the notability standards of the virtual encyclopedia.

Well, according to the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia, this particular virtual encyclopedia does not allow anyone to create more than one page on a title. If the title of the page already exists on Wikipedia and if the page is already created by someone before you then all you can do is make edits on that particular page.

Now, as far as notability criteria is concerned then you need to ensure that the page title on which you are writing is significant enough in the eyes of Wikipedia to have its own separate page. If Wikipedia does not deem the page title to be significant enough then your page creation will simply not take place.

Step # 3 – Researching Thoroughly

Now, when you talk about creating a Wikipedia page and writing on it then one of the most important aspects of page creation is research. It is absolutely necessary for anyone, who wants to contribute information on Wikipedia because this virtual encyclopedia demands only verifiable and authentic information that is based on facts and this requires thorough research. However, Wikipedia does not allow any original research therefore one must take care regarding this.

Step # 4 – Content Creation

When it comes to writing for your Wikipedia page, you must make sure that you are creating content that is acceptable according to the standards of Wikipedia. Now, Wikipedia provides its contributors with detailed guidelines and policies for it. Especially, if you are writing a page or an article on Wikipedia then you must go through and cater your content creation according to the core content policies of Wikipedia.

Now, according to the core content policies, Wikipedia simply wants you to write on their pages or share the information, which is written in an unbiased and neutral manner. Along with that, your content or shared information must be easily verifiable by the users or readers and you must not try to use Wikipedia as a means to conduct any original research.

Step # 5 – Page Submission

After writing the page or article, you must now save the draft and submit it for the final review. Now, the best way to do it is by checking your draft or content for any errors and fix them before you submit your page for the final review.


Is it necessary to create an account on Wikipedia to write or edit on the platform?

No, it is not necessary to create an account or register on Wikipedia to write or edit on the platform. Creating an account on Wikipedia has many benefits but at the same time, it is not a pre-requisite to contribute to this virtual encyclopedia. When you create an account on this virtual encyclopedia then you can have access to a user page and a user talk page and you can use them to your benefit.

Do you think anyone can create a Wikipedia page or an article?

Yes, creating a page or an article on Wikipedia can be done by anyone and everyone on this planet. All you need to make contributions on this virtual encyclopedia are an internet connection and a computer or a laptop. If you have these two things then you can also make contributions to Wikipedia in the shape of creating a page or article or even make edits on existing Wikipedia pages as well.

Is it necessary to follow the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia?

Yes, following the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia are a very important and significant aspect of creating and editing on Wikipedia. If you are someone, who wishes to make contributions on the platforms then the best way to make sure that your Wikipedia pages, articles or edits to go live and be accepted, is by ensuring that the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia are being followed in the right manner.