Exceptional Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is all rage in the world these days. And, you’d be surprised about the reasons too. See, most of you already know what Wikipedia is but, for those who still do not know about this amazing platform, it is a virtual encyclopedia, where people from all over the world and collaborate and contribute information that is reliable and authentic. If you want to verify the information on Wikipedia then you can easily check the sources in the citations and references provided in the article or on the page as well.

So, Wikipedia is one of the most happening platforms in the world. Yes, most people might not understand why it’s the most happening platform in the world but if you look at it closely then you will easily be able to figure out the why. All you need to do is that you need to observe this platform closely and maybe do a little bit of research on it and you will easily be able to find out about it.

Just so you can get a basic idea of why Wikipedia is one of the most happening platforms in the world, here are a couple of reasons, which you will certainly agree with as well. Firstly, Wikipedia is one of the most reliable and authentic sources of information in the world and you do not need to pay any kind of money either. Secondly, Wikipedia is an open for all type of a platform, which means that you do not need any kinds of licenses to make a contribution on this virtual encyclopedia. Thirdly, Wikipedia is one of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world. And lastly, it is one of the largest collections of reliable information online.

Other than that, the platform is constantly growing and turning into an even larger collection of information online. Imagine this, almost 17000 articles are uploaded and go live on the platform every month. Now, the total number of Wikipedia has exceeded 54 million and the total number of articles present on Wikipedia are more than 6 million.

Using Wikipedia Reputation Management for Your Brand’s Benefit

Now, why do you think so many articles and pages are being uploaded on this platform? Well, it is not only people, who wish to offer information without any motive behind contribution but in fact, there are also many brands or business organizations and even many individuals, who want their Wikipedia pages to be created because of the amazing and exceptional benefits that come after the creation of a Wikipedia page. Many professional companies and individuals even take help from professional Wikipedia brand management services to help them in this.

Here are some exceptional benefits that your business organizations and you can enjoy after the creation of a Wikipedia page.

Increase in Brand Awareness

Most business organizations usually hire professional Wikipedia brand management services because they wish to create Wikipedia pages and use these pages to help in increasing their brand awareness. Now, the way it works is that, this virtual platform is already quite an exceptional platform, which is being used from years to create awareness about a variety of different topics. Nowadays, this platform is also being used by many entrepreneurs to help in increasing their brand awareness by offering reliable and authentic information about their business and their products. And, because people know that Wikipedia does not provide any unreliable information therefore, the likelihood of the information making a huge impact is also quite high.

Increase in Target Audience Engagement

The use of content to offer valuable information to engage target audiences is the talk of the town these days and with Wikipedia pages, you can easily offer valuable, authentic and reliable information to your target audience and engage them in a highly efficient and effective manner. With Wikipedia pages, because people trust this platform, you have a much higher chance in effectively engage your target audiences in a much better manner.

Increase in Brand Reputation

Most Wikipedia pages are created and uploaded by different brands or individuals because they understand and comprehend the fact that Wikipedia pages and articles are a perfect tool to offer reliable and authentic information to your target audience and increase your brand’s reputation. Now, people understand that Wikipedia is a platform, which has already made quite a reputation for itself and combined with the trust factor of people in this platform, it is the perfect online platform that you can use to boost your brand’s reputation in the most efficient and effective manner.

Increase in Credibility

Now, whether you are creating a Wikipedia page for an individual or an organization, it all comes down to offering information to people about the topic. Now, the platform Wikipedia is a highly credible platform and people all around the world trust the information they receive from this platform because each piece of information given on Wikipedia pages is supported by facts and figures. Furthermore, the information present on Wikipedia pages is also supported by references and citations as well and each piece of information is and can easily be verified by the readers as well.

Increase in Web Traffic

When it comes to creating websites for your organization or for an individual, the real reason behind web development is to increase your reach and go global. However, if your website is not getting a high volume of traffic then everything becomes pointless. Now, when you create a Wikipedia page for your websites or for your business organization’s website then you need to understand that because Wikipedia is a platform that is heavily trafficked therefore, you can use these wikis to direct the flow of traffic from your Wikipedia pages or articles with the help of hyperlinks onto your websites.

Boost Your Search Engine Results Ranking

When you talk about marketing tools then you need to understand that being ranked higher in the google search results is one of the most useful and important ways of creating awareness and generating leads. Now, there are many techniques, which you can do for search engine optimization (SEO) however, what most people need to understand is that creating a Wikipedia page or an article is one of the most exceptional ways of increasing your search engine rankings.

You can observe how, whenever you search for anything online, among the first few results, you always end up finding a Wikipedia page or an article. Now, this is because of the informative content available on these pages. Since Wikipedia pages and articles focus on offering reliable, authentic, valuable and informative content therefore, the chances of these pages being ranked higher on the search engine results are also higher. So, if you create a Wikipedia page for an individual or a brand then they are also highly likely to be ranked in the top few results in the search engines as well.

Increase in Conversion Rates

When talking about ecommerce platforms, which can only thrive with a higher volume of web traffic on their websites and a high conversion rate, you need to understand that just by gaining a higher volume of web traffic onto your website, you cannot increase your sales as well. However, with the creation of a Wikipedia page, you can not only increase your web traffic but also increase your website’s conversion rates as well. See, Wikis increase your credibility, reputation and image along with your web traffic, which has a direct impact on your conversion rates, resulting in higher sales revenues and profits.

Increase in Overall Reach

When you create a page on one of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world, then you are more likely to reach a much higher volume of people across the world as well. Wikipedia gets millions of web traffic on a monthly basis and it is one of the top 20 websites in the world as far as web traffic volume is concerned. Therefore, creating a Wikipedia page is one of the most amazing ways of increasing your overall reach, whether you are an individual or a brand, it works for both.


Does creating a Wikipedia page help in increasing your website’s traffic volume?

Yes, Wikipedia pages are now being used as tools for increasing your website’s traffic volume. The way it works is that Wikipedia is a platform, where millions of people visit each day in search of information. Now, most people use this as a means to drive traffic from Wikipedia pages onto their websites.

Is the creation of a Wikipedia page difficult and take a lot of time?

Yes, creating a Wikipedia page is not something that can be considered an easy task therefore, most people usually hire professional Wikipedia brand management services or page creation services to help them with this. Furthermore, the time taken to create a Wikipedia page may vary on the topic of the page along with the skills and experience of the Wikipedia page creator as well. Typically, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for a professional to create a Wikipedia page.